sony s7700 - Can not play this disc

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Randall, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. Randall

    Randall Guest

    My player recently started displaying this error for all DVDs..but
    will still play audio CDs...

    tech support is useless, anyone got any hints? Yes Ive tried multiple
    DVDs, and a cold boot...etc.. etc..


    Randall, Dec 24, 2003
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  2. Randall

    Scot Gardner Guest

    The Sony 7700 was an expensive player when it was new in 1999. Didn't it
    have a list price of around $1100? This player might not be worth
    repairing because it is not progressive scan, its firmware might be
    obsolete and it's black level capability may not be the best. I'm not
    positive, but this player may have had a lip-sync problem before Sony
    released updated firmware. I know that the 550, 530 and 330, which were
    produced concurrently with the 7700, had the lip-sync problem. However,
    if your firmware version is 2.02 or later, the lip-sync problem is not
    an issue.

    I have a Sony 550 which is a poor man's 7700. Yet, the video
    performance, error correction and black level of my much cheaper Sony
    360 (which came out one year after the 550) is superior. (If I remember
    correctly, the 7700 had separate lasers for DVD and CD playback, but the
    550, 530 and 330 had only a single laser assembly.) If this is the case,
    you might have a failed DVD laser assembly.

    The Sony DVD players from 1999 were all built like tanks. My Sony 550
    has accumulated 2567 DVD hours and my Sony 360 has accumulated 3205 DVD
    hours. (By the way, you have to look into the service menu to get these
    figures.) So, I can't complain about the durability of these Sony

    You have very little to lose now by doing some experimentation. If you
    are willing to enter the service menu of the player, you might be able
    to perform a disk calibration which will fix the problem. Then again,
    you might make things worse, although I think the chances of doing this
    are minimal. The Sony DVD player calibration procedure posted below
    covers a variety of models, but the instructions for the 7700 are

    The goal here is to try to force the player to accept and read a DVD.
    Entering the service menu and performing the disk calibration procedure
    may cause the player to reset itself and read the disk. On the other
    hand, it may cause some unexpected problems in your misbehaving
    player -- such as locking a DVD in the player. If this happens, you
    should unplug the player, plug it in again and press the eject button.
    This will probably solve the problem, but maybe not. When a player is
    already having problems, there is no telling what will happen during a
    disk calibration procedure. The disk calibration procedure is intended
    to keep a healthy player healthy, not repair a failed unit.

    Sony DVD Player Calibration Procedure

    Updated October 8, 2003

    The Sony 3000, 7000, 7700, 300, 330, 360, 400, 530, 550, 560, 570, 600,
    650, 670, 700 and 860, players (and most other models produced after
    1998) have the ability to automatically calibrate the playback functions
    of DVDs and CDs. Typically, player calibration is done only after many
    hours of operation, or if there are problems changing layers and/or
    accessing chapters or if the unit has been bumped hard enough to knock
    it out whack, but not hard enough to damage it. Should the player
    develop tracking problems, the disk calibration procedure may save a
    trip to a service facility. Obviously, if the player is in such bad
    shape that it cannot recognize and play disks, the calibration procedure
    cannot be performed.

    If you are willing to accept any risks which may be involved in
    executing this procedure, the instructions follow.

    Before you start, have ready at least two Dual-Layer DVDs and two
    Single-Layer DVDs. Dual-Layer DVDs usually have a gold color playing
    surface and most Single-Layer DVDs are silver. Be sure to use only
    standard, 12 centimeter (4.75 inch) DVD and CD disks. Most Sony models,
    have a layer indicator so you can positively verify the number of layers
    present in a DVD, but the low-end 300 lacks this feature. You can also
    run the audio CD calibration from the service menu. The reason that I
    recommend having two of each type of disk is because the player might
    produce an error message on one of the disks due to some minuscule
    imperfection and you will have another to fall back on. (It is unlikely
    that you will have a rare SACD disk so this part of the calibration
    procedure can be skipped.) Once the calibration procedure has been
    successfully completed, it is a good idea to make a note of which disks
    were used so that these same disks can be used the next time that the
    player is calibrated.

    Before performing any disk calibration procedures, allow the unit to
    warm up completely by playing a disk for at least one half hour. Then,
    take the disk out of the player and make sure that the player is turned
    OFF and in the STANDBY mode. The player is in the standby mode when it
    is turned off and the little red LED is glowing above the ON/OFF button.

    The key combination for entering the service menu of OLDER Sony players,
    such as the 3000 and 7000 models, is slightly different from the NEWER
    models and is detailed below.

    *** NEWER Sony models. To enter the test mode press:
    Title, Clear, Power. (If this key combination doesn't work, try the key
    combination listed for OLDER Sony models, noted below BUT be sure to
    read the "Important" note regarding OLDER Sony players.

    This will produce the following menu on NEWER Sony players:

    Test Mode Menu

    0. Syscon Diagnosis (For technicians only)
    1. Drive Auto Adjustment (Automatically calibrates DVDs and CDs)
    2. Drive Manual Operation (Prompts before each calibration adjustment)
    3. Mecha Aging (Gives technicians auto repeat mode for testing)
    4. Emergency History (Shows the number of hours on your machine)
    5. Version Information (Shows firmware version)
    6. Video Level Adjustment. (Test pattern)

    Exit: POWER Key.

    You will be concerned only with items 1, 4, 5 and maybe 6. To escape
    from all test modes, press the Return key.

    *** OLDER Sony Players. To enter the test mode press:
    Time, Clear, Power

    This will produce the following menu:

    0. Syscon Diagnosis
    1. Drive Auto Adjustment
    2. Drive Manual Operation
    3. Emergency History
    4. Other Checks

    To escape from all test modes, press the Return key.

    *** IMPORTANT!!! Notice Concerning OLDER Sony Models!!! If you are using
    the key combination (Time, Clear, Power) to enter the service menu on an
    OLDER Sony player, you are entering an area with which I am NOT
    familiar. Chances are that item #1, Drive Auto Adjustment, provides the
    same function as this same item found on NEWER Sony players. But at this
    time, I can't say for sure. You can press #1 on the remote and see what
    menu it produces. If it resembles the Drive Auto Adjustment menu shown
    below, it is probably safe to proceed with the DVD-SL, CD and DVD-DL
    calibrations. If you have any hesitation, follow the onscreen
    instructions to escape the Test Mode Menu. ***

    Press #1 on the remote and the following menu will appear on NEWER Sony
    models. A similar menu MIGHT appear on older Sony models, but I don't
    know for sure. Be sure to read the above notice concerning OLDER Sony

    ## Drive Auto Adjustment ##

    0. All
    1. DVD-SL
    2. CD
    3. DVD-DL
    4. SACD

    Exit: RETURN

    Press #1 on the remote and insert a Single-Layer DVD when the drawer
    opens. Press the ENTER key and the machine will begin to calibrate all
    of the playback features.

    *** IMPORTANT!!! Always do the Single-Layer DVD calibration first, then
    to proceed to the Dual-Layer calibration. If you do not do the
    Single-Layer calibration first, the Dual-Layer calibration will probably
    fail. ***

    *** IMPORTANT!!! Press ENTER whenever *Onscreen Prompts* ask for
    permission to proceed with a test. Some earlier Sony DVD players will
    appear to be calibrating a disk (numbers will continue to flash like an
    out of control pinball machine) when in fact, the machine is paused and
    awaiting a response from the user to continue. (An often-unnoticed
    onscreen prompt asks the user to press Enter in order to continue.) If
    you do not press Enter at this point, the machine will sit in limbo
    forever. ***

    When calibration is completed, follow the onscreen instructions to
    return to the Drive Auto Adjustment menu.

    When the Drive Auto Adjustment menu returns, press #3 on the remote and
    insert a Dual-Layer DVD when the drawer opens. Follow the instructions
    as noted above. When calibration is completed, follow the onscreen
    instructions to exit from the Test Mode.

    Now you can turn the player back on and try your problem disks and see
    if the player's performance has improved. I calibrate both my Sony 550
    and 360 machines about 4 times each year, and they are both working

    If you have any hesitation about trying the service mode calibration,
    leave it for an authorized service facility.
    Scot Gardner, Dec 25, 2003
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  3. Randall

    Mike Davis Guest

    Forgive my spellling, I've been up all night assemmbling bikes for kids>

    You're a missing a step on your Sony history bud, first was the 7000, and
    you're correct in the fact right about the model when you mentioned no Pro
    scan, however my friend there is quite the groundswell in this area to
    replace the output board and make them progressive. Mine is.
    Here's the good part... right after the release of the 7000 Sony
    released the giant-killer, the model DVP-S3000, the player that will live in
    infamy. If you remember, the first 3000's were not introduced into the
    market until after six months of the test martket in the five cities. By
    that time the Sony 7000 (espicially the early models with the Macro and Zone
    switches) was legend itself, hands down then the best player on the planet.
    The 3000 came out and busted all sales expectations, the 7000 was sellling
    at that time for about a grand, the 3000 for about seven hundred out the
    door and paying the tax. I bought mine in May of 1997, the machine being a
    test model and tagged on the back saying only for distribution in certain
    cities, blah, blah.
    Needless to say the great Sony cut the losses and dropped the 3000 from
    the model line in less that six months. It really was the beast at the time,
    the machined aluminum faceplate and decided heft paid homage to the 7000,
    although in my heart of hearts the 3000 is actually a better looking machine
    without the moterized door which takes too long to operate <ggg.> At the
    time the Sony company just about peed, the flagship was widely considered
    the best rig, but when writers started talking about 3000, it was like a dam
    had burst. You couldn't find one for looking <ggg.> The 3000 used the exact
    same twin laser heads used by the 7000, and everything else was pretty much
    similer. The audio DAC's were different, oddly enough the 6mo newer 3000 had
    better DAC's than its cousin. Happy holidays and a merry Christmas.
    All the best, Mike
    Mike Davis, Dec 25, 2003
  4. Randall

    Randall Guest

    Great triva guys, but I just want to fix my player! I'll try the
    service menu again, and see what happens..

    enjoy the holidays
    Randall, Dec 25, 2003
  5. Randall

    Scot Gardner Guest

    <<I'll try the service menu again, and see what happens..>>

    And did the player recognize the DVD?
    Scot Gardner, Dec 28, 2003
  6. Randall

    Scot Gardner Guest

    <<You're a missing a step on your Sony history bud, first was the 7000,
    and you're correct in the fact right about the model when you mentioned
    no Pro scan, however my friend there is quite the groundswell in this
    area to
    replace the output board and make them progressive. Mine is.>>

    Sorry for the delay in replying. I spent Christmas in Northern
    California, just a few miles from Ridgewood Ranch, which is the home of

    I have copied your Sony information to a file for future reference.
    Scot Gardner, Dec 28, 2003
  7. Randall

    Randall Guest

    The player will recognize the type of DVD/CD via the service menu, but
    does not get through the auto align sequence.

    Randall, Jan 3, 2004
  8. Randall

    Richard Guest

    The 7700 was the poor man's 7000. Despite adding DTS compatibility,
    the player was inferior in build (example; the door) and it's video
    was not as good as the 7000. Sony obviously changed the electronics.
    Richard, Jan 6, 2004
  9. Randall

    Evil Guest

    But at least Sony added the Chroma Upsample Error...
    Evil, Jan 8, 2004
  10. Randall

    Scot Gardner Guest

    I'd forgotten about that.

    I believe that the Sony 7000 is the only Sony DVD player that does not
    have the chroma bug.
    Scot Gardner, Jan 10, 2004
  11. My 1998 UK spec 7700 certainly does *not* have the chroma bug. I'm
    very familiar with the bug, as I see it everyday on my digital cable
    receiver. The decoder chipset in the 7700 was capable of decoding
    correctly if given the correct instructions, so I can only assume that
    this was done for the version of firmware in my machine.

    I've tested this very thoroughly on discs suggested in the famous HTF
    online paper on the chromas bug, such as the r1 version of 'Toy Story'
    menus etc and the decoding is exactly as it should be.


    The Doctor Who Restoration Team Website
    Steve Roberts, Jan 10, 2004
  12. Randall

    Peter Briggs Guest

    Mine either, Steve. Urban Myth, perhaps...? <g>
    Peter Briggs, Jan 11, 2004
  13. Randall

    Scot Gardner Guest

    This must be the case, because the Region 1 Sony 7700 is not on the
    "chroma bug free" list:
    Scot Gardner, Jan 12, 2004
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