Sony DSC-P10 oder DSC-P100

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Stefan Brueggemann, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. Hi there!

    I'm planning to buy a new camera within the next weeks and so far I
    decided to buy a Sony camera. But I'm not quite sure which one of
    those two named. The P100 seems to be the successor of the P10, only
    being a bit smaller and as fast as the P10. But I read the picture
    quality is less as good as of the P10 because it compresses the
    pictures too strong. But Steve's Digicams didn't mention anything like

    So my question: Has anybody the P100 in use and can give me some
    information about that. If it's really true I would buy the P10, but I
    like the P100 from the design more than the P10.

    Thanks for your help, Stefan!
    Stefan Brueggemann, Jun 25, 2004
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  2. Stefan Brueggemann

    Anoni Moose Guest

    How much compression is too much? If you want no compression like in
    "raw" or uncompressed TIF formats, yes the P100 compresses too much
    because it really only supports .JPG for still images. But I suspect
    that's true for the P10 as well.

    With our P100, filesizes that it produces run usually
    2.0~2.5 megabytes per image. Is that too much compression?

    The DCS-P100 is a nice camera. And it comes in colors too. :)


    P.S. - And it's battery life is *amazing*. It'll run about forever
    on one charge, or seems that way. The opposite of our first
    two generations of digital cameras (this sony is our third).
    Anoni Moose, Jun 25, 2004
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  3. Most cameras I know store the pictures in JPG-format and that's no big
    problem since I don't want it for really professional pictures. So
    uncompressed formats are not a must have. You probably don't know if
    the P100 compresses more than the P10, do you?

    The point is that I read a few postings saying that the P100 uses a
    very strong compression resulting in less sharp pictures. But Steve's
    Digicams says that the picture of the P100 is very good and the sample
    pictures seem very good for me, too. So it's a bit confusing to me
    since I don't want a camera that takes bad pictures in terms of
    sharpness or noise.
    For what resolution?

    Anyhow, thanks for your answer!

    Stefan Brueggemann, Jun 26, 2004
  4. Stefan Brueggemann

    Anoni Moose Guest

    Most cameras I know store the pictures in JPG-format and that's no big
    No, the P100 replaces the P10 and has a lot better features, so
    I didn't consider the P10.
    The comments I've read weren't about excessive compression, it
    was about strong noise reduction processing that, like in scanners, softens
    the image a little while doing the clean-up. This also is why the photos
    the camera takes are pretty much completely noise-free. :)

    You can turn up it's default sharpness setting if you want a bit
    more sharpness in the photos. It defaults to "middle".

    Prints I've made from it (using a Canon i9900 printer) look great.
    5.1MB. If you do the calculations, it translates to a "middle"
    amount of jpeg compression. However, it's really a low compression
    ratio because that calculation is using the 5.1 mp "output image"
    pixel-counts that we all know are extrapolations (CCD has 5.1
    Mega-sensors of one color each while output file has 5.1 mp that
    are 3 colors each -- duh where did it get the extra data?) so the
    actual *information* compression ratio is lower in the "low"
    category. Had that same pixel-dimension image file been from a
    flatbed scanner the compression ratio would be "middle" category
    but would have a lot more actual image data in it.

    It's compression is similar or a little lower than our old Nikon
    digital camera (extrapolated for pixel counts).

    Anoni Moose, Jul 2, 2004
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