sony dsc f717 digicam zoom lens attachment fiasco

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by flavrcntry, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. flavrcntry

    flavrcntry Guest

    Good Day,

    For those interested in a zoom lens accessory for the Sony dsf f717
    digicam, read this letter I sent to Sony today:

    The high grade Sony 1.7x telephoto lens model #vcl-hgd1758 that your
    web site says will work with the cybershot dsc f717 DOES NOT work with
    that camera. It fits the 58mm threads, and everything zoomed at 3x to
    5x (6x to 10x since the camera has a zoom already) looks great, BUT,
    zooming wide back from 1x to 3x shows an obvious "eclipse". It's so
    bad, and it DOES show up in the digital photo, that I had to return it
    to the vendor, and pay the $8 shipping. Check your web site. It
    specifically says this lens works with this camera. I even have a copy
    of that page saved on this computer. So, now we have problem #1
    identified: somebody in product development and testing made the
    incorrect decision to give the go-ahead to use this accessory with
    this camera, when in fact it did not work. Problem #2 came about this
    morning when I called Sony toll free. The person on the line said that
    I had the wrong lenses
    (I had also ordered the wide angle vcl-hgd0758 lens), and that if I go
    to the Sony web page that shows the dsc f717 camera, then click "view
    this model", then click "accessories", the proper lenses are displayed
    (vcl-hg0758 and vcl-hg1758). So, at this point, I call up my vendor
    and cancel the order for the wide angle lens. I call Sony one more
    time to verify that these latest lenses are the correct lenses, and
    right about then notice on the Sony web page that these lenses are for
    CAMCORDERS. The Sony lady on the phone looks them up and agrees, and
    says the original lenses I ordered were the correct ones. She also
    says the zoom lens has a note on file, which states that a "slight"
    eclipse is apparent in the vcl hgd1758. SLIGHT? HA! That thing should
    not have made it through testing. So, problem #2 has been identified:
    Sony's phone rep from this morning steered me to the wrong lenses!
    That's two instances of outright incompetence. I have neither the
    time, nor money (having to pay to have the zoom shipped back) to fool
    around with people who are not knowledgeable in their line of work.
    So, I've reordered the same wide-angle lens, the one I cancelled this
    morning, and am left with problem #3: I do not know where I can find a
    quality zoom lens for the dsc f717. Can Sony help me with this issue?
    I also expect the claim under the vcl-hgd1758 zoom lens on the Sony
    Accessory Page that it is compatible with the Sony Cybershot dsc-f717
    to be removed, as this is FALSE AND MISLEADING advertising. People
    make mistakes, I know, but I expect more from Sony than this. In the
    end, no major harm was done. My lenses are delayed by 2 weeks, and I'm
    out $8 in shipping charges. However, multiply this by the number of
    people buying this particular lens for this particular camera, and you
    may have a bigger issue.

    Thank you for your consideration,


    And that was that, so buyers beware.

    In case anybody doesn't know what an "eclipse" is, and in fact I
    havn't heard that term until today, just picture how in the old tv
    shows when somebody was looking through binoculars, you saw their view
    portrayed by two circles inside a black square. It's the same except
    that it's one circle inside the square. So, like the Hotel California,
    you can zoom in but you can't zoom out.

    flavrcntry, Aug 1, 2003
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  2. [[ This message was both posted and mailed: see
    the "To," "Cc," and "Newsgroups" headers for details. ]]

    Your inexperience with cameras and lens adapters of this type has led
    you to assumptions and conclusions which are incorrect.

    The term is "vignetting", not "eclipse". All front element telextenders
    will do this, almost without exception, on as broad a zoom range lens
    as the Sony F717 has. Telextenders are for *extending* the focal
    length, not shifting the zoom range, and should be used with the lens
    at maximum telephoto as a rule. The Sony VCL-HGD1758 is an
    exceptionally good telextender and does not vignette until from about
    60% of the zoom range to full telephoto, much better than say the
    Olympus B-300 that I have which will vignette at all settings up to
    about 75-80% of the max telephoto setting.

    Similarly, the Sony VCL-HGD0758 is the best wide-angle converter for
    the F707/717 cameras, producing a sharp and clear image with minimal
    distortion and a .7x reduction of the *minimum* focal length. Like the
    tele extender, a wide angle converter is designed to be used to reduce
    the minimum focal length, not shift the zoom range, and should perform
    best with the lens set to its wide angle max.

    I find nothing misleading about Sony advertising and specification of
    these lenses. The information, of course, does presume some knowledge
    on the part of the buyer to understand and use the product as it was
    designed to be used.

    Heaven help us in a day when no manufacturer cannot merchandise
    anything that requires some knowledge on the part of the user for fear
    of liability and merchanisability threat!

    Godfrey DiGiorgi, Aug 1, 2003
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