Sony Digital Optical Out

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by John, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. John

    John Guest


    I have a Sony S760U Receiver. I have an optical lead going into the
    front of my computer into the Optical In on the Sound Blaster.

    I just wondered what I have to do in the creative software and within
    windows volume control to get the audio via the Optical instead of the
    analogue audio leads? Or does it just automatically go via the
    Optical when it's connected?

    I'm mainly going to use it for recording digital radio mix shows etc
    and then possibly sending them to MiniDisc to listen to later. I also
    have a couple of scheduled TV recordings to the tuner on my computer
    to watch when I'm not busy.

    Anyway thanks very much for any help

    John, Aug 21, 2003
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  2. John

    John W Guest

    My creative drivers have an SPDIF option for the recording inputs. I believe
    that this facility is part of the driver (as opposed to any recording
    application you may be using). If you can't see this option you either need
    to update your driver (from the creative site) or, if you already have the
    correct drivers, you need to switch it on as follows.... Double click the
    speaker icon in the systray, Click Options¦Properties Select the Recording
    option and make sure the SPDIF option is selected (in fact while you're
    setting stuff up you might as well make sure that everything is ticked you
    can always come back later and untick the stuff you don't ever use) Then
    click OK and you should see the recording mixer panel that allows you select
    which source(s) you want to record from, make sure SPDIF is selected (note
    that the creative driver I'm using requires the source you want to use to be
    unticked as in this case you "tick to mute".
    One more thing, if you open the very basic "Sound Recorder" software you can
    see very quickly if you've picked the right source because the line bounces
    up and down when you've got it right.
    John W, Aug 21, 2003
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