Sony digital camera opinions?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Cathy, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. Cathy

    Ron Hunter Guest

    I was born in 1942.
    Even when I was young and foolish, I wasn't that energetic, I DROVE up
    Cheyenne Mt. Did you see the shrine to Will Rogers there? Imagine a
    Catholic shrine to a Native American Baptist....

    I have seen the cameras with the tilt and twist displays. I can see how
    them might be useful for macro work, or avoiding glare, but I prefer to
    use the viewfinder for pictures other than macro/closeup.
    Ron Hunter, Apr 22, 2005
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  2. Cathy

    Ron Hunter Guest

    On using the LCD display:

    I am a viewfinder guy. Normally, using the viewfinder will give you a
    steadier shot, important at longer exposure times. Since my camera
    doesn't what 'parallax correction' (WHY?), the LCD comes on when in
    closeup mode. This is good since one is normally in a strange position
    when using closeup mode anyway, and I have trouble getting good framing
    in closeup, even with the LCD, and I am not as steady as I used to be.
    The tilt and twist LCDs are great for that kind of shot, but tend to
    encourage use of the LCD with stability concerns it brings. I also find
    them rather 'unaesthetic'.

    How's that for wrenching things back on topic?
    Ron Hunter, Apr 22, 2005
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  3. Cathy

    Larry Guest

    Betamax tapes were made the same way as VHS but smaller, and less space
    between the tape reels. U-matic (the forerunner of Beta) was also the same,
    but 3/4 inch tape instead of 1/2 inch.

    Ampex is the only company that I have any recollection of ever making a video
    tape machine that used a single spool. (Im pretty sure there was actually 2
    spools but they were one on top of the other and the cartridge as thick as
    two VHS tapes.

    The longer this thread goes on, the more I remember about it.

    Betamax was a development of Sony, and it was a result of reducing the size
    and speed of their U-Matic 3/4 inch commercial video tape system. The
    shortfall of the Betamax system was the tape technology itself. At the time
    Betamax and VHS started competing there was no one making tape thin enough to
    put more than about an hour of video in a Betamax cartridge.

    By the time tape technology caught up with recorder technology, the longer
    running time of the VHS system had already pushed it to the forefront. Sony
    was too slow reducing the tape speed, and increasing the tape length, and
    thats how they lost the war.

    VHS was also developed by Sony, but they discarded the notion of using it in
    their "home Video" equipment because of what they considered to be inferior
    picture quality.

    Sony then licensed (or sold I cant remember which) the VHS (Video Home
    System) to JVC (Japan Victor Corp.)

    All of this is part of recent history.
    Larry, Apr 22, 2005
  4. Cathy

    ASAAR Guest

    I guess parallax correction would have had three things going
    against it. First, it would have made the camera a bit more
    expensive with extra hardware. Second, it seems to me that when
    parallax correcting viewfinders were fairly common, they were set up
    to work with 2 or 3 fixed lenses, not zooms (but I'm not sure this
    would be a problem). Third, while they helped to more accurately
    show what would appear in closeups, they weren't precise, and only
    gave you a better idea of what would be captured. With today's
    cameras, where extreme macro closeups are pretty common, parallax
    correction would be less accurate, and DOF would be so small as to
    make the viewfinder useless anyway, so you'd want to use the LCD
    display instead. Unless, that is, the camera had an EVF instead of
    an optical viewfinder, which would also eliminate the need for
    parallax correction.

    So it was you that tossed the spanner into the works!
    ASAAR, Apr 22, 2005
  5. Cathy

    ASAAR Guest

    Nope. I wasn't aware of that. Didn't know that Will Rogers was a
    Shriner. :) I did drive up Pike's Peak though in a little
    Valiant. It had the big 225 c.u. slant six and had no problem
    making it to the top, unlike a number of other cars that pooped out
    along the way.
    ASAAR, Apr 22, 2005
  6. Cathy

    ASAAR Guest

    I've seen flangeless tapes before but I'm not sure where. It
    might have been the DC600 computer backup tapes I once used.
    They're the ones where the back side of the cartridge was a solid
    aluminum plate. But I once removed the tape from a Beta cartridge
    many years ago and I'm pretty sure it had two plastic flanged reels,
    just like VHS.
    ASAAR, Apr 22, 2005
  7. Cathy

    Ron Hunter Guest

    Interesting. I drove up there in a 1968 Javelin, which, I believe that
    that same engine the AM bought from Chrysler. It was a really good
    engine until I blew a waterpump at 140,000, and heated it up to cherry red.
    I was pretty proud of myself when I passed the brake check on the way
    down. Not bad for a guy who had never SEEN a mountain until that trip!
    Ron Hunter, Apr 22, 2005
  8. Cathy

    Ron Hunter Guest

    If Sony had condescended to license the tapes, and the hardware, they
    would probably still be selling them. It was a better picture, even if
    a shorter record time, in the beginning. Trying to keep it all for
    themselves is what killed it. And they STILL haven't learned!
    Ron Hunter, Apr 22, 2005
  9. Cathy

    Cathy Guest

    What I meant was its wilderness compared to a big city like Toronto. We
    have a lot of nice parks here, right in the city, which surprises a lot
    of people, because when you are downtown, you only see high office
    buildings, but there are even a few nice little parks down there. I used
    to go to one of them at lunch time when I worked downtown.
    My cousin lives in Powell River, or did the last I heard. She likes it
    there. She used to live in Toronto area so knows what its like to live
    here, but likes the wide open spaces. My relatives in Canada are all
    Scottish immigrants like myself but one branch of the relatives went to
    BC as there is another cousin there who was born in Canada and that
    branch has been there since early 1900's.
    I was always going to go to BC but never got around to it. Its a long
    way from Toronto. I have also had a desire to go to Lake Louise in Banff
    .. I have a nice picture of it on my kitchen wall :)

    Cathy, Apr 22, 2005
  10. Cathy

    Cathy Guest

    Its bad enough driving here. I never drive anywhere when I go on
    vacation. Not even in Florida, where everyone who goes from here to
    Florida drives. My friend has a place in Clearwater and drives from
    Toronto to Clearwater, stays for 6 months and drives back. Takes two
    days, if you stop. Probably less if you are young and kept driving. Her
    boyfriend helps drive. He is American and lives in Florida. So works out
    fine for them. He comes up here for part of the summer, and she lives
    north of Toronto, away from the city. Why dont you stay in Victoria for
    a few weeks next time, as you like it a lot? Its probably expensive
    there though. I know that to buy a house there is expensive, because a
    lot of Canadians living out west retire to there.

    Cathy, Apr 22, 2005
  11. Cathy

    Cathy Guest

    Even though I don't have a digital camera yet, but I've looked at many,
    I think I would probably depend on the viewfinder more than the LCD, but
    I've noticed that some viewfinders tend to be quite small. There is
    quite a variation of size in viewfinder accuracy in various cameras. I
    found HP viewfinders to be the most clear, and Canon viewfinders are
    pretty good good. The parallax correction is a good guide and good to
    have and I am surprised that all digital cameras don't have it. But for
    me at least, I would like a 2" LCD so if I have time to compose a shot,
    I can compare the LCD and viewfinder. I may as well have what I want
    since I am the one paying :) and obviously you have a bigger picture
    with a 2" LCD than a 1.5" and easier for viewing too. 1.5" used to be
    mainly all digital cameras had, but when I came on the scene looking at
    digital cameras, they were more into 1.8" LCD and now many have 2" or
    2.5" since obviously many people like them. I can't see a 1.5" LCD very
    well, but can see a 2" much better. Simple as that.
    Pretty good :)

    Cathy, Apr 22, 2005
  12. Cathy

    Ron Hunter Guest

    I wouldn't be able to stay more than a few days, at most. I don't stay
    anywhere away from home more than two weeks. Was gone 13 days on
    vacation last year. That was long enough. I guess I am pretty much of
    a 'home body', but I do like to see other places, I just want to come
    home after a few days.
    Ron Hunter, Apr 22, 2005
  13. Cathy

    Ron Hunter Guest

    The 1.8 inch LCD on my camera is bright, and clear, and will magnify the
    view of pictures taken in review mode to 2x and 4x so I can judge focus
    of the picture. I use it for composing a shot ONLY when doing closeups.
    The viewfinder has a diopter adjustment (for those of us with old
    eyes), although it hard to adjust. I find the 1.8 LCD adequate. The
    larger the display, the more it costs, and the more battery power it
    will use.
    Ron Hunter, Apr 22, 2005
  14. Cathy

    Cathy Guest

    Well nothing wrong with that. Two weeks is usually fine for me as well.
    I don't go away that often anyway. My younger brother was always like
    that even when he was young. I used to like visiting all my aunts and
    uncles when living in Scotland, but he like to stay at home with his
    friends. Even when he was older, he was the same.

    Cathy, Apr 22, 2005
  15. Cathy

    Cathy Guest


    Is that your Kodak DX 6440? I don't see that camera around here
    I saw the Kodak DX 7440 on the website of one of the camera stores near
    me, but they are always out of stock. Its a little bit bulkier than the
    other more compact Kodaks. I think my first priority would have to be a
    viewfinder that I can see well through, but a 1.8" Lcd would be my
    minimum size. I just can't see a 1.5" well enough to view the LCD.
    Stop using the word "old" Ron :) Just say us middle aged people.You are
    making me feel old, and I am young - at least inside. My mother was 95
    when she died a few years ago (I was older when she had me), and she
    never considered herself old at all. People in Scotland never talked
    about age. We all saw her as young, even though she was obviously not.
    But she was so young in heart, had a great sense of humor and saw things
    and people in a comical way. I think its what kept her going. I
    inherited some of your good traits, but unfortunately not enough.

    A diopter would be a good thing to have, but there are very few cameras
    here with one, though probably the more expensive ones which I wouldn't
    be looking at in the first place.

    I find the 1.8 LCD adequate. The
    Well, thats probably true, but 1.8" would have to be my minimum LCD
    size. I have to be able to see the LCD properly or I wouldn't be able to
    use it at all.

    Cathy, Apr 22, 2005
  16. Cathy

    Ron Hunter Guest

    You can go to the Kodak site and see the DX6440, even though it is 'last
    year's model', and read the manual, if you wish. I think you will like
    its shape better than the 7440. I do.
    My first digital camera had a 1.5" LCD, which was quite dim, completely
    unusable in the sun, and a larger, brighter one was very high on my list
    of features for the current camera.

    I was somewhat surprised to find the feature on the DX6440, but glad to
    have it. At least I don't have to wear my glasses just to look through
    the viewfinder. But I DO to see the LCD clearly, which is one reason I
    don't use it for composing.

    It is somewhat surprising how much larger a 1.8" LCD looks compared to a
    1.5". The 2.5" ones are quite a bit larger than I would need, but I
    wouldn't run screaming from one either.
    Ron Hunter, Apr 23, 2005
  17. Cathy

    Ron Hunter Guest

    I guess it is your early experiences. The first night I spent away from
    home without my mother was when I went off to college. Amazing, isn't
    it? We never went on vacations (no money with so many children), so I
    didn't have any real experience with travel other than visiting older
    siblings for a couple of days. Strangely, I had no sign of homesickness
    when I left. I just don't like living out of a suitcase for more than a
    week. My last vacation was two weeks, and I was SICK of it (and
    actually sick too) after only two days. It was the second vacation
    disaster in three years....
    Ron Hunter, Apr 23, 2005
  18. Cathy

    chrlz Guest

    Many brands of camcorder use MS storage. Also mobile phone systems as
    you pointed out. The car makers have all signed off on a deal to use
    ms media, but I'm not sure of the details - I suspect it is more to do
    with in-car systems (entertainment, gps-nav, etc), than engine

    I believe you will also find that MS currently accounts for ~30% of all
    small (which I think means less than 1Gb?) card storage sales.

    The point is, that yes, it's Sony's format, but to say it isn't rather
    widely used or that Sony is the only manufacturer, is just not right.
    Like I said, I don't even use it currently but I have in the past, and
    have no qualms about using it again.
    chrlz, Apr 23, 2005
  19. Cathy

    Cathy Guest

    No! But even if you have a few drops of Scottish blood, that counts :)
    Well, its a good way to think of an ID with all these connections.
    Many camera reviews say things like "this camera has a nice size 2" LCD
    which makes things easier to view", or "you will like the 2.5" on this
    camera" or in "Pros" will be - large LCD and sometimes in "Con's" will
    say small 1.5 " LCD. Last week at the camera store, the salesgirl who
    was young said she likes the SD300 because its small but the LCD is big
    and you can see it better than a small LCD. Its the IN thing now. If you
    can see your small LCD fine. Thats all there used to be, but now more
    cameras have larger LCD'S. Whatever I use it for, the bottom line is a
    large LCD is easier to see than a smaller one. A large anything is
    easier to see than a smaller anything :)
    Sorry, I was never a fan of Steve Martin or Saturday night live.
    Well, books lying around isn't bad. I have bookcases overflowing but
    with DVD movies and videos. I am a movie addict, mostly older classics,
    and film noir. I like some new movies but haven't been to a movie
    theatre for about 15 years at least. I like to read, but haven't for
    quite a while. Books have gone up a lot in price here in the last few
    years, so I only afford to buy one now and then.
    I thought you were talking abouto American Presidents.

    The current one
    I don't kniow who Dubya is.
    I would say hiking was more climbing up hills. when my cousin and
    husband who live in Victoria go hiking, they sent me a photo once, and
    they hike up hills. Walking is just walking, unless you go up a steep

    And while I
    Its probably better for you. I should walk more than I do. I get going
    on the computer and sit too much. Even going to the mall at least gives
    some exercise.

    But I need better shoes to do it these
    So you are outside of New York? I visualized you with an apt.
    overlooking Central Park. :)

    It's been a while since I've
    I guess you must need different running shoes if you get blisters. I
    haven't had blisters for years, but then again, I don't walk 3 or 4
    miles for a walk.

    Cathy, Apr 23, 2005
  20. Cathy

    ASAAR Guest

    This was way back in the early days, when the stupid skits weren't
    so dominant. It might even be better these days but I wouldn't
    know. Haven't watched the show in a long time. Ten years, 15,
    something like that.

    I like most film categories, but usually pass on sappy Hollywood
    productions (think Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland and musicals). But
    classics (Preston Sturges for one) and film noir are fine. Two of
    the most recent films I saw in a theater were "L. A. Confidential",
    when it was released (a very good film and very 'noir') and "Touch
    of Evil" when an improved version was released in 1998. The local
    discount pharmacies (Rite-Aid, Walgreens, etc.) usually have a
    selection of books, tapes and DVDs marked down considerably, usually
    $3 or a little more. There are sometimes a couple of decent books
    to be found, but typically buried under a huge amount of romance
    novels. I got a DVD for $3 this evening ("Gothic"). Supposedly an
    over-the-top recounting of what resulted when Lord Byron invited
    guests to his Swiss villa in 1816, some of them being inspired to
    write classic gothic novels. "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelly (Natasha
    Richardson), and "The Vampyre" by Dr. Polidori, Byron's personal
    physician. BTW, this DVD was produced in Canada by Front Row
    Entertainment, Inc.

    The current president, George W. (Dubya) Bush. From what I've
    heard and read, both friends and foes back home refer to him as
    Dubya (supposedly how the "W" is pronounced by some in Texas), to
    distinguish him from his father, the former president George H. W.

    That's one form of hiking. When I was younger and spending
    several weeks during the summer in a Boy Scout camp, a bunch of us
    went on a 20 mile hike. Thought there were small hills nearby, most
    of the walking/hiking was on relatively flat ground, and I think
    (not completely sure now) that we crossed the Appalacian Trail, or
    maybe we just paralleled it for a little bit. The destination was a
    little place called "The Donut Farm" that we saw when we emerged
    from the woods. They had tasty little donuts and ice cream, both
    home made. Then it was time to turn around for the hike back to the
    camp. Maybe our definition of a hike is that a good bit of it is
    off the trail, climbing over fallen trees and stepping or leaping
    from rock to rock. Some had homemade walking sticks, but they
    weren't really needed.

    I don't often get to Central Park, but I did earlier this year to
    see "The Gates" the day before it was to be removed. I never saw so
    many cameras in my life.

    If my feet are in condition I don't get them. But if I haven't
    walked for some time and they're "soft", one might develop after
    several miles. But if they're in good walking condition I could
    walk for hours without a problem.
    ASAAR, Apr 23, 2005
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