Sony Cybershot DSC-P32 digital camera

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by al, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. al

    al Guest


    Me and a workmate have different opinions re: one function of this
    camera :)

    He claims that it can double as a webcam; I say it can't.

    Can any other owner comment?

    al, Sep 12, 2003
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  2. al

    Mainlander Guest

    There are two possible ways of achieving streaming video from a camera of
    this type:

    1. If the camera has "USB Streaming" functionality then live data stream
    can be passed down the USB port with suitable software. Some Sony video
    camcorders have this functionality.

    2. If you have a video capture card and software that can stream from the
    video input port then you could connect your camera that way. This
    applies to any camera that has a video output.

    The spec sheet for this model doesn't mention USB streaming, so I'd guess
    that feature is not provided in that model.

    I don't know enough about webcams to know which technique they use to get
    their data into a PC, I'd guess the cheaper ones use USB streaming
    because the USB interface in the PC and the software do most of the hard
    Mainlander, Sep 13, 2003
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  3. al

    al Guest

    Thanks for your input :)
    al, Sep 13, 2003
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