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    Hi, I've been looking for a multi-faceted network forum.

    1. ISP Motorola modem/wireless router

    2.Hardwire>access point> Playstation & Xbox

    3. Three wireless laptops dual-booting Windows 7 & Ubuntu

    4. Four android phones

    5. a XP-HTPC wireless (I know XP is obsolete but it works for what I need)

    6. Belkin wireless router (wireless turned off), with two usb ports, used as a "print-server" ....and access point for a USB HDD

    I'm including a drawing of my network because I don't know if I can explain it very well. My internet comes in to my ISP's modem/wireless router, then I have a cat5 ran from the modem to another room to an access point which connects a Playstation and a Xbox. Connected to that router wirelessly I have three laptops all of which dual-boot windows 7 and Ubuntu. I also have an XP machine used as an HTPC connecting wirelessly. Also hard wired to the ISP is a Belkin wireless router. Only because the Belkin has 2 usb ports so I'm using it as a "print server" so to speak. I have an HP non-network printer, and an USB external HDD connected to it. The ISP router's wireless signal is about 3 times as strong as the Belkin.

    Each laptop running as windows 7, but not the XP, can read/write to external HDD, and print. The laptops see the other windows 7 machines, but don't know what kind of machine it is. For instance I go to Start>>Network, or go to the Network and Sharing center, and click on show network map, it will list my wife's and son's W7 machine as a "media center" only as far as the music, or video, no other shared folders are available. The XP machine doesn't exist where W7 machines are concerned, and it's a mutual feeling. So the W7 pc's can see through the ISP modem, and the router to the USB devices.

    The Ubuntu pc's I'm lost, I can connect wirelessly to the internet, but other than that I'm lost. I've never ran into anything in Linux that I could not figure out and learn, but this networking thing is beyond me. I can sometimes find the usb hdd, and part of those times I can actually access the files inside it, but most of the time nothing. I can't find the other ubuntu pc's, and forget the W7 pc's, it ain't happenin'.

    I've played around with connecting the android phones, but only when I was maybe sitting down a minute to rest, or late night after I've turned everything else off, but nothing serious. They can see most the other devices on the network, but connecting hasn't happened. Again this is something that isn't necessary, I will probably never use it, but it would be fun, I might move a movie over for a trip or something, but probably not.

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