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    It started as one fan's dream: To create a site dedicated to the sport of
    female and mixed wrestling that would concentrate on the action itself, and
    NOT on the unfortunately popular erotic and pornographic elements that have
    been associated with it on the internet.

    (Heck, most stuff on the WWE is more "provocative" than this!)

    This site is and always will be free of nudity, erotica, sexually suggestive
    scenarios/holds, and anything that does not fit our criteria for excellence
    and dedication to the genre and sport. in other words, if porn and sex is
    what you want, GO ELSEWHERE!!!

    Well kids, if you haven't noticed, the girls of pro wrestling have been
    wearing 2 piece outfits for the last 4 decades or so. As of late, the girls
    of the WWE are wearing outfits that would DEFINITELY be considered "sexy",
    and they're NOT bikinis! Until we can afford the actual pro outfits, we are
    trying our best to simulate the pro cut and style with one piece and two
    piece bathing suits, as well as boots/tennis shoes. If a girl in a 2-piece
    strikes you as "pornographic", then I suggest you stay away from beaches,
    swimming pools, and'll surely be highly offended by these
    public and socially-accepted places!!!

    All sarcasm aside...

    Our priorities are to create realistic wrestling and combat scenarios
    (boxing, martial arts, and fun storylines included!) that put storytelling
    and pure visceral and technical wrestling ability on the forefront, all the
    while leaving the degrading elements to those without the drive and
    enthusiasm possessed by this website's talent.

    Our girls and guys have fun creating this material in the most relaxed of
    atmospheres, and the fact that this is an entirely FREE site gives them
    motivation through the knowledge that TRUE fans of wrestling/KOs/fun-combat
    will be watching!

    Safety and realism are our trademark, and we will NEVER place our wrestlers
    in ANY kind of danger, so don't even ask. If you want to see stupid people
    doing horrible things to each other in the name of "wrestling", there are
    more than 100,000 "Backyard" wrestling sites and tapes out for your perusal!

    They come to us because they know the name. They know why we are to be
    respected. And most of all, they know we truly love the world of wrestling
    and combat, and all the fun that comes along with it.

    Thank you, for being the thousands of loyal fans you always have been.

    -SK and Co.
, Nov 7, 2007
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