Some interesting things in cmd.exe

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Rupert, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. Rupert

    Rupert Guest

    It's probably well known, but I've only just discovered it - when you have a
    command window open ( Start->Run, cmd ) you can do the following for the
    function keys...

    F1 retypes the previous command one character at a time
    F2 brings up a dialog and asks "Enter the char to copy up to:"
    F3 retypes the last command in full
    F4 brings up a dialog and asks "Enter char to delete up to:"
    F5 as for F3
    F7 brings up a dialog of all the recent commands
    F8 brings up each of the most recent commands, one at a time
    F9 brings up a dialog and asks "Enter command number:"
    Rupert, Jul 19, 2004
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  2. Rupert

    Collector Guest

    Rupert said the following on 19/07/2004 13:05:
    Basic old DOS function keys, been around for years and very handy for
    those of us that remember them
    Collector, Jul 19, 2004
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  3. & up arrow cycles through recent commands
    Neal Phillips, Jul 19, 2004
  4. <snip>

    Its handy alright... I must say tho, it took me sometime before I realised
    that cmd.exe had all the old dos shortcut command, and command.exe doesnt.
    Its habit from Windows 9x days that I type command instead of cmd.

    Matthew Strickland, Jul 19, 2004

  5. adding tab completion to file names and folders makes it a lot easier to
    use too :)
    Dave -, Jul 19, 2004
  6. Rupert

    Tim Guest

    Anyone know how to cut and paste effectively without going through the

    Did you know you can drag a path from explorer to the command window and it
    will paste it?

    EG open my computer, C, program files, SomeDirectory

    Drag SomeDirectory to the command window...

    - Tim
    Tim, Jul 19, 2004
  7. turn on quick edit?
    alt-space, properties, and have a look around.
    nope, didnt know that.
    Dave -, Jul 19, 2004
  8. Rupert

    Warwick Guest

    I can't get that to work. Even if I type in the old style DOSKEY command.
    (which used to turn it on in win98)
    Warwick, Jul 19, 2004
  9. I assume your trying this after doing a command, and then hitting
    up/down(it only works for that session)
    Dave -, Jul 19, 2004
  10. Rupert

    Rupert Guest

    you should be able to click and drag on the folder icon next to the path and
    it will then copy to the command window...
    Rupert, Jul 19, 2004
  11. Rupert

    Mike_P Guest

    .... or just right click and select 'Open command window here'

    Mike P
    Mike_P, Jul 19, 2004
  12. Rupert

    AD. Guest

    Doesn't that one require some Power Toys / TweakUI (or similar) shell
    extensions installed?

    Or is it now included by default in XP? It's been a while :)

    AD., Jul 19, 2004
  13. Which by default is on in XP and later...

    Nathan Mercer, Jul 19, 2004
  14. Rupert

    Enkidu Guest

    Not in my XP Pro it doesn't! I'd love to have it but...

    If I'm in a directory with a sub directory called "qwert"
    prompt>cd qwe<tab>
    doesn't work. It just adds a tab.

    prompt>cd qwe*
    DOES work.

    Where am I going wrong, Nathan?


    Enkidu, Jul 19, 2004
  15. Rupert

    Brett Guest

    on win98se I only get the F1 and F3 happening.
    Almost like running doskey.exe.
    Which is nice. The tab thing doesn't work though.

    Brett, Jul 19, 2004
  16. Right click (in middle of cmd window), mark
    select text to copy
    right click, paste
    Nathan Mercer, Jul 19, 2004
  17. Nathan Mercer, Jul 19, 2004
  18. Hmmm. Well I've been wrong once or twice before

    Automatic Tab Completion is on, on my XP Pro PC, I just recently
    installed from fresh and it works

    There is a reg entry you can make to turn it on (which I didn't do)

    Nathan Mercer, Jul 19, 2004
  19. it is?
    ok then.
    Dave -, Jul 19, 2004
  20. turning on quick edit will be faster if you have to do this alot.
    Dave -, Jul 19, 2004
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