SOLVED- xerox scanner issues - installation - 4800 and others

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by q_q_anonymous, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. xerox scanner 4800 - general xerox scanner issues solved

    - Although it was a USB scanner, a USB socket was not visible on the
    scanner. Near the power connector there was a non usb socket, and a
    sticker. Sticker said something along the lines of "Install software
    before plugging printer in". I discovered that the USB interface is
    below the sticker. You have to tear that sticker off.

    - It wasn't detected by windows after plugging it in when the software
    requested it be plugged in. But once unplugged (I was about to plug it
    back in) windows immediately detected and installed drivers. Then let
    it detect, and plugged it in again and was fine.

    - When trying to scan e.g. with Xnview/irfanview/standard software. Or
    with teh software it came with, it didn't work. The software it came
    with mentioned the solution.. "Unlock the scanner" . Under the scanner
    was some tape covering a switch. I removed the tape and moved the
    switch into the unlock position , and it was fine. This wasn't so
    obvious. Near there was a sticker warning not to open the scanner. So
    it did appear as if the tape shouldn't be removed as if it would void a
    warranty. And the switch was of the kind one find on a laptop which
    you'd only used to open a panel to remove a battery. Of course in
    actuality the tape was supposed to be removed and the switch moved to
    "unlock". It appears that it wasn't for a panel.
    q_q_anonymous, Aug 30, 2006
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