SOLVED - windows xp rename folder within shared folder, notrefreshing window

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by jameshanley39, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. SOLVED - windows xp rename folder within shared folder, not refreshing

    problem was I tried to rename a folder and it didn't seem to do
    anything. Turned out it was, but the screen wasn't refreshing
    automatically. I had to do it manually F5.
    And it applies only to a particular shared folder.

    The well known Shared Documents one.
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\

    I could access it remotely..

    The solution was to right click , go to Sharing and Security.
    You have that area that says
    "Share thus folder on the network"
    "Allow network users to change my files"
    Share Name _______________

    I had both unticked and no share name..
    I actually wanted both ticked anyway.. So I did and entered the share
    name and it's fine now. That solved it.

    I didn't bother to narrow it down, to find which box or if it was no
    share name, that caused the problem.
    But since I could read the files.. It may be that it was the box about
    "change my files" was unticked.. Though I could modify files I think..
    It's fine now anyway. With that solution.

    The problem may apply to any shared folder and not just a folder
    within it.. or maybe just shared documents.. I didin't check.

    slightly pointless elaboration..
    I had what appeared to be a problem of not being able to rename a
    file.. It just went back to what it was, never changing. But with a
    command prompt open and renaming it from there. I saw the renaming was
    having an effect. And DIR showed that renaming in a window was having
    an effect. A google along the lines of cannot rename file windows xp ,
    got it down to shared folder.. I then found the/a solution.

    There is also something here about changing a registry stting to get
    it to refresh automatically. But this was already set for me anyway
    Set the value name "UpdateMode" to 1

    It was already 1 . So that wasn't it.
    jameshanley39, Jul 30, 2008
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