SOLVED: Toshiba SLIM IDE laptop cd / dvd drive - Big White Connector issue

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by jameshanley39, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. SOLVED: Toshiba SLIM IDE laptop cd / dvd drive - Big White Connector

    I got what i expected was a slim ide drive but it turned out to have a
    big white connector instead of the standard slim ide connector, a
    small black connector.

    Solution was that infact , yes, slim ide is a little black connector,
    and it was a slim ide drive. But it had a PCB style (as oppose to
    cable style) SLIM IDE to (some toshiba proprietary ?) connector

    The drive was in a black frame. Remove 4 screws and that frame comes

    Then, you see the back of the drive where the big white connector is,
    actually has 2 screws in it. Uncrew them and you see it's clearly a
    PCB , which comes off , to reveal a slim ide connector on the drive.
    The PCB was a stick on and screwed in adaptor with a big white
    connector on the outside, and a slim ide connector on the other
    side(hence it connected to the drive's slim ide connector).

    I wonder if other drives have that issue ?


    original post, with question.

    According to this site
    the ide connector on the SD R2412 should be like this - SLIM !
    and what i'd expect
    [above link wouldn't post on toshiba forum due to a
    bug currently there. can be amended to a tinyurl link]

    But the one I bought is not! it's like this
    what is it?!

    i'd like to convert it to regular ide.

    I have a slim ide to ide adaptor, but it's the slim ide that i
    recognise. This drive is not.
    Here is a size comparison between the slim ide i recognise, and the
    thing i have!
    jameshanley39, Sep 16, 2007
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  2. I needed to replace the CD drive in a laptop, and found that when it was
    removed there was a sticker with the part number. I did a search on the part
    number and found the drive was used on many different types of laptops, and
    some had diffferent covers on the drawer, they had different colors, and
    stuff like that. As I searched around, I discovered there are only three or
    four CD drives out there, and once the cover/trim kit is removed, the basic
    unit is the same. I suspect you found that IDE drives are more or less the
    same, there are three or four makers, and there is a trim kit that makes the
    drive fit different machines. You might need to remove the trim for the
    drive to fit your machine. It would be nice if they dropped a note in the
    box, "you might need to remove the trim kit for this to fit your machine."
    Jeff Strickland, Sep 16, 2007
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