SOLVED: IE7 internet explorer 7 - menu bar missing

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by jameshanley39, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. The solution is in the last paragraph.

    I found that the menu bar was not coming up..
    right click on button bar thing, choose "menu bar", but whether
    checked or unchecked it didn't appear.
    tried dragging things around it (or that alone perhaps) didn't seem to

    so, file,edit,view,favourites,tools,help That wasn't there.

    Though there was a the standard IE7 button called tools, similar to
    tools menu, and similarly, a button called "page" with some options of
    file menu.

    Some people had mentioned ALT, but that didn't help. F11(full screen
    toggle) but that was not it.

    note that the 2 relevant things to bringing te menu bar up, was right
    clicking the "button bar" and choosing menu bar.
    And, in the tools menu, some toolbars were available but not the menu

    The solution - if I remember correctly - was to do
    That brings up the links toolbar. A pointless thing in itself.

    THEN, right click the toolbar and choose "menu bar" and it brings it
    I have have had to drag the toolbars around a bit, but I think that
    was it. So, I would say experiment with putting more toolbars on
    there and then try the menu bar and see if it comes up. It's clearly
    a bug that it wasn't until that was done.
    jameshanley39, Jul 1, 2008
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