SOLVED - can't open file in windows media player / WMP. But can in VLC - video LAN .. Now can in WMP

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by jameshanley39, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. SOLVED - can't open file in windows media player / WMP. But can in VLC
    - video LAN .. Now can in WMP

    i think it's a codec issue. VLC has many codecs. WMP doesn't. So I
    wondered if it was possible to convert a file to a more standard
    codec so it can run in WMP. Indeed it can be done.

    I did have such problems with an avi file.. I looked at it in gspot,
    it gave an error when i clicked render. couldn't render, gave some

    With Super by erightsoft..
    drag a file - stored anywhere - onto the super window near the bottom
    of it, click encode, the file it creates will end up here - within (a
    subdirectory of) the erightsoft directory . It goes here C:\Program

    I had chosen avi as te output container and mpeg4 as the video codec.
    When you click encode, if gives a few options. Choose "divx all divx
    players compatible"

    It then creates a new file. That new file can be opened in windows
    media player. And other programs. It'll probably open in virtualdub
    too, a prog i'm looking into for editting.

    SUPER by erightsoft can be found googling for supersetup.exe or
    a link on this link here
    the download link looks like an advert. So if your eye is trained and
    you didn't know, then you'd miss it.
    The advert download link can be found on that page somewhat above
    where it says
    "You may get a corrupted file if you use a download manager."
    so searching for that link may help you find it.
    jameshanley39, Sep 19, 2007
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  2. this would also give a good way of getting clips from youtube or
    google video, into WMP.
    can download any file. then do the convert with Super as above
    note- slight bug currently with that keepvid site, a .com in the URL
    when you click a link to download whatever file, translates to a .com
    in the filename and so you get something like which
    windows thinks is the old COM msdos program executable! I saw the
    error was from the URL and I know it's a legit site. So just removed
    the .com extension, so no extension. It's not a com file, don't worry.
    It runs fine in VLC. This problem didn't occur in the past it's prob
    only a temporary problem with the keepvid site that'll be fixed by
    next month
    jameshanley39, Sep 19, 2007
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  3. also solved the problem of what freeware to split a video clip.

    AviSplit by bobyte
    there's a prog called AviTricks too and a tutorial on the site. not as
    simple but can prob do more.
    jameshanley39, Sep 19, 2007
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