Solution for Epson 2200 Roll Paper in Mac OS X

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by jlbmacuser, Nov 4, 2003.

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    Epson 2200 Roll Paper Printing in Mac OS X & Photoshop

    1.Download the latest Epson 2200 driver for Mac OS X from The version is version 1.63 and should result in a
    file on the desktop called espon10686.sea (yes it is misspelled).
    Double clicking on this should spawn a folder called epson10686, in
    which there is a file called SP2200_1.6aAs.dmg, which after double
    clicking, will mount a drive which contains the installation package.
    Install the package.
    2.Open Print Center
    3.Click the Add icon
    4.Select EPSON USB in the roll down (not USB!)
    5.Select Stylus Photo 2200
    6.In the Page Setup: rolldown select the roll paper drivers you want
    to install. Install all of them one at a time. When you are done all
    of the roll paper drivers for the 2200 should be in the Printer List
    7.Open the panoramic photo in Photoshop
    8.Go to File, Page Setup
    9.Select Settings, Custom Paper Size, & click the New button
    10.Name the custom setting (e.g. 40X13pan)
    11.Enter the Height of the paper ( THIS WILL BE THE LENGTH OF THE
    PAPER ROLLS OUT OF THE PRINTER). In this example use 40 inches.
    12.Enter the Width of the roll paper (i.e. 13 inches)
    13.Zero out the margins
    15.Go back to Page Setup, Settings: Page Attributes
    16.Select "Any Printer" after Format For: (Do not select any Epson
    printers from this roll down!!! Very important)
    17.Select the middle Orientation selection (Panoramic with arrow
    pointing up on the screen)
    18.Click the OK button.
    19.From now on instructions assume Premium Luster Pk paper...
    20.In Photoshop select Print With Preview & when dialog opens click on
    Page Setup button, select the 40x13Pan or whatever you called your
    Page Setup custom page, click OK. Verify preview looks correct.
    21.Verify Show More Options is check in the Photoshop printing dialog
    22.Under Color Management select Document: Color Match RGB
    23.Under Print Space select SP 2200 Premium Luster_PK, Intent:
    24.Select Center Image in the Position area
    25.In the Scaled Print Size area uncheck Print Selected Area, uncheck
    Scale to Fit Media (unless you have some other intent). This assumes
    your print is already sized by Photoshop.
    26.Select the "Print..." button
    27.Now, in this Print dialog, select Stylus Photo 2200 (Roll Paper,
    borderless banner). Hopefully you installed that option earlier.
    Presets: Standard. In the roll down below Presets roll to Color
    Management and select No Color Adjustment.
    28.Select the Print Settings Roll Down and verify Page Setup: Roll
    Paper – Borderless Banner
    29.In the Media Type roll down select Premium Luster Photo Paper
    30.Now select Roll Paper Option roll down & select Manual Cut & check
    Save Roll Paper
    31.Click the Print Button. You should see a beautiful print emerging
    after a short delay.
    32.After the print is complete depress the roll paper button on the
    Epson 2200 printer ONCE! This will feed the roll and perform a manual

    The above was documented after many hours experimenting, then finally
    getting the right Epson support technitian on the phone.


    Please thank me! I don't work for Epson, but the phone techs are
    really helpful.
    jlbmacuser, Nov 4, 2003
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