so tired... Canon s200 = Ixus-V2 = Ixus-V-2, TWAIN AVI acquire without ZoomBrowser? ArcSoft VideoImp

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Guest, Dec 5, 2003.

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    investigated ZoomBrowser. Read that ZoomBrowser 3.x and 4.x versions have

    Win 98 SE imaging or old PhotoDeluxe can acquire jpegs. They open the Canon
    TWAIN app. But it displays only jpegs.

    Someone recorded an AVI. Obviously I could delete from the CF card using
    camera's LCD display, but someday I might want to save an AVI :)

    From the ArcSoft CD, I read ArcSoft VideoImpression 1.6 PDF. It can acquire
    from scanners/cameras/TWAIN (and does AVI format of curse) . Installed it.
    But it also is limited by the Canon TWAIN. So no AVI can be acquired!

    The VideoImpression Help file is limited and Help Find's database build
    gives errors (sloppy-ware)! But browsing Help file indicates I'm correct
    regarding direct acquisition of AVI from camera.

    Near end of install, a small message box said installer (insta-killer ) was
    writing over ("updating"?) DirectX files!. I hope their files were written
    into a separate folder, and install hasn't written over current DirectX!!
    Else Stupid!

    Fruitless searches:
    Canon AVI TWAIN | Acquire | Acquiring | Capture | Capturing -net-abuse.
    ArcSoft VideoImpression Canon s200 | Ixus-V2 | Ixus-V-2
    and variations of those.

    I'll probably uninstall ArcSoft . then maybe try ZoomBrowser.

    BTW, a few weeks ago I wasn't searching re AVI yet, just searched to avoid
    ZB. I read recommendations for breezesys downloader as better than zb

    It failed at install, and hoping for different file or results, I checked
    for it today. Cannot find it, so I guess it's been deleted from offered

    TIA, though I hope to get back here BEFORE my ISP kills this thread.
    (/grump, grump)
    Guest, Dec 5, 2003
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