So, how many Bhtee engineers does it take to install FTTP?

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by 7, Jan 28, 2015.

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    So, how many Bhtee engineers does it take to install FTTP?

    Assuming the fiber hub is already installed in your area,
    it takes two Bhtee trolls to install the cable
    and days to weeks pass before the second bunch
    arrive with the FTTP modem.

    This must be the most awesome *FSCKING* gravy train
    Bhtee management trolls have ever come up with!!!!!!!

    I've trained as a fiber installer, and it only takes
    me 10 minutes to splice, polish and terminate a cable and
    may be 10 minutes to fit a preconfigured modem.

    About as long, if not 10 minutes longer than
    a typical Bhteee engineer takes to install an ADSL modem.

    Cabling can also be done by the same engineer if Bhtee
    management trolls think about putting
    in the termination infrastructure same as done
    for copper under the streets.

    With the right management driving the installation using
    best practice, it shouldn't cost anything
    more than 10% to 15% extra to install fiber.

    Going down to the pub and adding two zeros
    to the cost of FTTP installs just begs for deregulation.

    Let someone else take ownership of cabling infrastructure
    and provide services to which Bhtee and other operators
    attach their equipment.
    All around the world 100Mbit and 1Gbit fiber is being rolled
    out at a cost of 50 pounds a month or so.

    Why Bhtee needs 5000 pounds a month + 50000 pounds install
    fee is clearly down to lack of competition and a lack
    of deregulation.
    7, Jan 28, 2015
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