So how am I installing this wrong?

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by Joe, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. Joe

    Joe Guest

    Anyone here have an idea on this?

    My current motherboard is PCCHIPS M817LMR 1.0. My memory of 256 PC2100 DDR
    was being reported as 128, plus I had various other problems which included
    random rebooting of the computer plus unrelated blue screen error messages.
    Since the power supply and hard drive were already recently replaced and
    were working fine, I came to the conclusion it's the RAM that's fried or

    As such, I went and bought another stick of 256 PC2100 DDR from Best Buy. I
    took out the damaged memory from it's slot and replaced it with the brand
    new one. I kept contact with the case during all of this to avoid ESD. So
    the result? I turn the computer on and get just a constant beeping, nothing
    else. I'm pretty sure I'm installing it correctly, it snaps right in. I
    tried the other memory slot and same problem, constant beeping. The
    constant beeping is also what I get if no RAM at all is inserted in the

    So, after several tries, I reinsert the damaged RAM back in (I tried both
    slots for the same results) and got my original problem back: half of it
    being reported along with all the errors and rebooting. But at least the
    computer boots up! The new RAM causes it to just beep. I'm at a loss on
    what to do...


    Thanks in advance,
    Joe, Aug 28, 2003
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  2. Award BIOS? My old AT Socket 7 ATrend ATC-5200/K6-2/266 started that
    awhile back. I narrowed it down to CPU and motherboard, tried 3 other
    (status unknown, but at least one was working when recently removed
    from its original system) motherboards and had the same problem. I am
    going to risk $17 US for a K6-2/500 to get it up and running as it is
    basically only a second system, and it will make a good system for my
    kids when I finally get into GHz-land, and if that isn't it, just walk
    away from it, unless I get a donor motherboard.

    Have you tried to isolate it down to the module level, by removing
    peripherals? FDD, HDD, CD-ROM, etc?

    Tom MacIntyre, Aug 28, 2003
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  3. Joe

    Linda Guest

    I think your problem is you are using PC2100 (266MHz) memory on a 133
    MHz bus. This would report the memory as half (if it posts at all) The
    new stick you got from best buy might have been PC2700 (the latest
    greatest thing).
    Read more in the manual for you board at:
    Linda, Aug 28, 2003
  4. Joe

    Joe Guest

    Actually, AMI BIOS and I just updated it. That didn't help. It might have
    made it even worse though, it's rebooting a good deal so far more than
    before. An interesting thing is that when I ran memory diagnostic test from
    Microsoft's web site and it didn't find any errors. In addition, I let it
    run for 2 days straight and it didn't reboot. Seems like that might be a
    clue as to what might be wrong but I can't figure it out. I did try
    isolating and that didn't seem to help. Do you have ideas on what causes
    this? You really think it might be the CPU? Are there any good freeware
    programs out there that could check out all the hardware more thoroughly?
    Any suggestions are appreciated. :)

    Joe, Aug 30, 2003
  5. Joe

    Joe Guest

    The motherboard has 4 sockets and 2 of them support DDR 2100. It's what the
    system originally shipped with and it was working fine for several months.
    Then it went to being reported to half RAM followed very quickly (days) by
    the random rebootings. I did check the manual but didn't find anything to
    help with this.

    The new memory I bought from Best Buy is PC2100, I made sure to get the same
    RAM that shipped with the system. So I don't think it's that. Any other
    ideas on what is causing it and how to solve it? Thanks.
    Joe, Aug 30, 2003
  6. Joe

    Joe Guest

    Hmm, the stick that with the motherboard originally was double sided PC2100
    DDR. Now the new stick of PC2100 DDR I bought was single sided and it did
    make me wonder. The new stick wouldn't register at all and the computer
    would just constantly beep only. According to the motherboard manual, it
    does accept DDR on 2 of the 4 slots. What exactly is the difference between
    single sided and double sided RAM when both are described as PC2100 DDR?


    Joe, Aug 30, 2003
  7. Joe

    Joe Guest

    The new stick of PC2100 DDR I bought from Best Buy has a lifetime warranty
    and says it's "100% tested". However, the brand name is not one I have
    heard of personally, called Reptron. Do you know if it's any good, could
    that be my problem?
    Joe, Aug 30, 2003
  8. Joe

    Joe Guest

    Checked. They're all set correctly for DDR. Other ideas or any idea why
    the new stick won't even work (constant beeping)?
    Joe, Aug 30, 2003
  9. Joe

    Joe Guest

    Thank you for your reply and help. I'll give it another shot with another
    stick of RAM. Question is if I should use DDR or just PC-133 SDRAM? This
    motherboard supports both and I have been trying with the DDR sockets. I
    have to re-set an insane number of jumpers for it to use PC-133 SDRAM and
    since it is slower, I would rather not. However, if that will end my
    problems, I would do it and it would be much cheaper than buying a whole new
    motherboard and system (at this point if I give up and buy something new,
    I'll go most of it new since I am not sure where the problem is if it isn't
    the RAM).

    In checking prices, I found a good deal at CompUSA for Kingston 256 PC2700
    DDR (about $50). So first question, can I use PC2700 DDR on my motherboard
    when it only supports PC2100 DDR? I'd guess I wouldn't enjoy the additional
    speed but would it cause any problems? Second, if you were in my shoes and
    were going to give it another try, what would you do? Would you go for
    another stick of DDR or go for a stick of PC-133 SDRAM? Thanks for your

    Joe, Aug 30, 2003
  10. Joe

    Joe Guest

    Thank you again for all your help, it gives me hope in trying to save this
    system. :)

    I think I'm going to have buy it locally the RAM to be insured that it is
    double-sided. Should I stick with just Kingston or would there be other
    brands you trust as much to work with this motherboard? Also I saw another
    stick of RAM from Kingston that I wanted to make sure would be okay before
    considering it for purchase. It's,

    Kingston Technology HyperX 256MB PC3000 DDR DIMM
    Model: KHX3000/25

    Though it wouldn't work any faster than PC2100 on my system, would it also
    still work without causing any problems. What does the HyperX refer to? I
    haven't seen it to know if it's double sided or not but it appears it might
    be available for $60. I found the previous Kingston deal from my last post
    to be available online only where I could not tell if it would be double
    sided. This new one might also be online only. It's difficult to find a
    good price locally on Kingston. Thank you again for your continued help!

    Joe, Aug 31, 2003
  11. Just a suggestion - go to and you can be almost 100%
    sure the memory you get will work with your MB. Just punch in your
    specifics, and the site looks it up for you....they take into account
    the whole hi/lo density (single/double sided) thing. Thy garuntee
    it'll work.

    I resisted 'till I couldn't take it anymore.

    (sigh) Address altered against Spam.

    Replace the -at- and put the "spring-mind" in the correct order
, Aug 31, 2003
  12. Joe

    Joe Guest

    Thank you for your suggestion. I've taken it and ordered RAM specific to my
    motherboard at Crucial. I'll be getting it in the next couple days and I'll
    test it from there. :)

    Joe, Sep 6, 2003
  13. Joe

    Joe Guest

    Thank you for the info on HyperX. I've ordered RAM through Crucial specific
    to my motherboard. I had choices so I chose PC2700 since it is the same
    price as PC2100, equally compatible plus gives me the option to use it later
    again in a motherboard that can support the higher speed. That is, of
    course if it works on current motherboard. I'll know in a couple more days.
    So if it doesn't work, do I call it a lost cause and assume the
    motherboard/CPU is trashed?

    Joe, Sep 6, 2003
  14. Great! Please do keep us posted. I'm very curious myself!
, Sep 6, 2003
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