SNMP configuration of Aironet1200 (ios based)

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by ian, Dec 19, 2004.

  1. ian

    ian Guest


    Could somebody explain where I am going wrong with my SNMP
    configuration of my Aironet 1200AP.

    I am trying to set up a new SSID, with a WEP key, some radius server
    info and the ability to toggle requireEAP and requireMAC on and off.

    The sequence of commands I have been trying is given below, this is
    from the factory default config. After I blast the AP with this config,
    I get the following problems:

    1. I cannot manipulate the SSID in the web interface any longer
    2. The radius server info never shows up in the web interface
    3. If I try to set RequireMac and/or RequireEAP, the set request goes
    through, but a get on OIDs shows them as false again.
    4. I cannot associate at all with the device.

    Any thoughts/help would be greatly appreciated.


    snmpset -v1 -mall -cpublic \
    CISCO-DOT11-IF-MIB::cd11IfAuxSsidBroadcastSsid.1.1 = 1

    snmpset -v1 -mall -cpublic \
    CISCO-DOT11-IF-MIB::cd11IfAuxSsid.1.1 = "MyNewSid"

    snmpset -v1 -mall -cpublic \
    CISCO-WLAN-VLAN-MIB::cwvlWlanEncryptionMode.0 = 2
    snmpset -v1 -mall -cpublic \
    CISCO-WLAN-VLAN-MIB::cwvlWlanEncryptionMandatory.0 = 1
    snmpset -v1 -mall -cpublic \
    CISCO-DOT11-IF-MIB::cd11IfAuxSsidAuthAlgRequireMac.1.1.1 = 1
    snmpset -v1 -mall -cpublic \
    CISCO-DOT11-IF-MIB::cd11IfAuxSsidAuthAlgRequireEap.1.1.1 = 1
    snmpset -v1 -mall -cpublic \
    RFC1213-MIB::ifAdminStatus.1 = 1

    snmpset -v1 -mall -cpublic \
    CISCO-AAA-SERVER-MIB::casConfigRowStatus.radius.1 = 4
    snmpset -v1 -mall -cpublic \
    CISCO-AAA-SERVER-MIB::casAddress.radius.1 =
    snmpset -v1 -mall -cpublic \
    CISCO-AAA-SERVER-MIB::casAuthenPort.radius.1 = 1812
    snmpset -v1 -mall -cpublic \
    CISCO-AAA-SERVER-MIB::casKey.radius.1 = "secret"

    snmpset -v1 -mall -cpublic \
    CISCO-DOT11-IF-MIB::cd11IfVlanEncryptKeyStatus.1.0.1 = 6

    snmpset -v1 -mall -cpublic \
    CISCO-DOT11-IF-MIB::cd11IfVlanEncryptKeyLen.1.0.1 = 13 \
    CISCO-DOT11-IF-MIB::cd11IfVlanEncryptKeyValue.1.0.1 =
    "zzzzzzzzzzzzz" \
    CISCO-DOT11-IF-MIB::cd11IfVlanEncryptKeyTransmit.1.0.1 = 1 \
    CISCO-DOT11-IF-MIB::cd11IfVlanEncryptKeyStatus.1.0.1 = 4
    ian, Dec 19, 2004
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