Smudge, Water Resistance HP cartridges Bk 20, Color 49 on Stickyback/Chartpak*

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by, Jan 8, 2004.

  1. The most commonly available stickyback is Chartpak DAF8, made for
    photocopiers. ***

    My Hewlett Packard DeskJet 630C uses #20 black, #49 color. **

    The color ink is unusable on stickyback. The black results are variable, but
    usually barely acceptable. I sometimes spray with workable fixative after
    drying. And SOMETIMES this gives less smudging.

    If one of these are your HP, yours uses the same black:
    HP Deskjet 600, 610, 610C, 610CL, 612C, 628, 630C, 632, 632C, 640C, 642C,
    Apollo P-2100, P-2100U, P-2150, P-2150U, P-2200, P-2250
    Somewhere I read that HP FAX 925xi also uses same carts.

    If you have one of these models HP inkjets and have refilled,
    remanufactured, or other non HP carts, then I'd like to know if your
    Stickyback, transparencies, or other oddly coated paper prints ever been
    subjected to any smudging experiences?

    For any models inkjets original, refilled, remanufactured, or other inking:.
    I'd like to know if your Stickyback, transparencies, or other oddly coated
    paper prints have been subjected to any smudging experiences?

    Or if you have a Laser printer, any experiences with stickyback interest me.
    I've used it in copier at former work, but the copy shops don't want
    stickyback in their machines.

    * Few people use stickyback. It's also known as Reprofilm or appliqué film .
    It looks like a full sheet sized transparent label. The sheet is cut after
    printing and various sized pieces are stuck to a drafting type drawing (then
    sent to "blueprinting shop"). So, there is very little handling of the
    printed surface. And my fingers are not sweaty.

    ** Cartridge models are C6614 (bk) and 51649 (tri-color) with a couple
    letters following the number. Printer acquired mid 2001

    *** Less common is the brand, Rayven (often misspelt) which gave unusable
    prints. And I found this name on the web, Stanpat. Certain models of
    stickyback are made for inkjets, but I'd like to avoid ordering a whole box
    and possibly be disappointed.
, Jan 8, 2004
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