Smartmedia atlernative cards

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by yoramrovner, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. yoramrovner

    yoramrovner Guest

    Somebody knows about a smartmedia alternative flash card with more than
    128 mb?


    yoramrovner, Jan 11, 2005
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  2. yoramrovner

    cambium Guest

    I think there are none - I have checked in the past. Luckily, 128 is
    probably plenty big enough for most of the older cameras that used it, like
    my C-2100uz.

    But if others know of anything, I would like to know too.
    cambium, Jan 11, 2005
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  3. yoramrovner

    BG250 Guest

    Are aware that SM is now an obsolete format? I don't believe SM was
    implemented past 128MB. It is better to have several 128MB cards than one
    large one. if that one card failed, got damaged or was lost, all of you
    pictures would too. I recommend spreading the photos out on smaller cards.
    IOW, Don't put your eggs in one basket!
    BG250, Jan 12, 2005
  4. yoramrovner

    Paul Wylie Guest

    I think you've made some incorrect assumptions. First, SmartMedia is a
    memory format and set of specifications for talking to that memory. There
    are no alternatives to SmartMedia for devices designed to use it.

    Second, SmartMedia is actually not very smart at all. Unlike
    CompactFlash, SmartMedia requires the device using it to explicitly have
    been designed to use whatever capacity for which the card is built. In
    other words, if your device was designed and built when 64MB SmartMedia
    was the state-of-the-art, it won't work with 128MB SmartMedia. If your
    device was built for a top capacity of 128MB, it wouldn't work with an
    imaginary 256MB[1], 512MB or 1GB SmartMedia card (or the equivalent).

    Olympus, Fuji and other digital camera Manufacturers eventually decided
    the shortcomings of SmartMedia were too great to bother prolonging the
    agony, so they gave up on it. Olympus, Fuji, et al switched to the xD
    card format. I don't know if xD solves all of SmartMedia's problems, but
    it is available in 256MB and 512MB capacities. Apparently, it's also
    possible to buy an xD-to-CF adapter, allowing you to use xD cards in CF
    devices, which was not possible with SmartMedia.

    Your best bet is to either stock up on 128MB SmartMedia cards and live
    with the hassle of swapping cards, or switch to a device that uses higher
    capacity media.

    ** Note "removemunged" in email address and remove to reply. **

    [1] Apparently, according to "SmartMedia News," there was a specification
    released in 2002 for a 256MB SmartMedia card, but I haven't seen it
    on the market, and as was already pointed out, equipment that
    predates that 256MB card wouldn't be compatible with it anyway.
    Paul Wylie, Jan 12, 2005
  5. yoramrovner

    Ken Weitzel Guest

    Paul Wylie wrote:


    Hi Paul...

    In the case of Olympus (dunno about others) any of their
    cameras that will take 32 or 64 meg cards will also
    happily use 128 meg ones.

    Ken Weitzel, Jan 12, 2005
  6. yoramrovner

    Paul Wylie Guest

    The C-21 will use 32MB and 64MB, but will not use 128MB. The C-900Z
    and C-1400XL will use 32MB, but not 64MB or 128MB.

    Back when I bought my Oly C2100UZ, 128MB cards were just hitting the
    market, so I was eager to see whether 128MB cards were compatible with it.
    I found a website that had a grid showing which devices were compatible
    with 128MB cards and which were not.

    Here's the website I used back then (although back then, it was available
    in English, it's now only available in German):

    Google can translate much of it for you:|en&hl=en&ie=UTF8

    Regardless, they still have model numbers and indicators of which cameras
    can use which capacities, and that's readable even if you can't read

    ** Note "removemunged" in email address and remove to reply. **
    Paul Wylie, Jan 12, 2005
  7. yoramrovner

    FoulDragon Guest

    I think I saw an xD to Smartmedia adaptor (or perhaps it was the other way).

    Inane ponder: if Smartmedia was bad, why bother creating an entire new card if
    it's not even going to be backwards-compatible? why not stick conventional CF
    or SD slots on the new cameras? Was it merely an empire-development thing?

    I've seen Playstation memory cards which are two or more times the max official
    size; you can toggle through pages of the card. I can see someone selling a
    extra-cost 512 or 1024M "Smartmedialike" card. It would have a switch or
    something on the card itself, or possibly a little battery bit-twiddler, which
    moved it from one 128Mb page to another. I can see people who would pay $50
    more on 1Gb of storage so as not to replace a $x00 investment in a camera.
    FoulDragon, Jan 12, 2005
  8. yoramrovner

    Paul Wylie Guest

    I suspect it was a turf-protection thing. Olympus liked having Oly-
    branded SM cards that were the only cards able to use the panoramic-modes
    on Oly cameras. I doubt they'd have been able to shoe-horn their
    proprietary branding features into cards of existing standards. There's
    also the licensing revenue. Lexar, SanDisk, et al would have to pay Oly,
    Fuji and whoever else was behind the xD format for every card sold. No
    such revenue stream for the xD folks with SD or CF.

    It could also have been a form of NIH (not invented here) syndrome.
    I just don't see that as a big market. That $x00 investment is a sunk
    cost. Most of those cameras are less than 3 megapixels. I'd bet most
    SmartMedia camera owners are either happy enough with the capacity they
    have, or looking to move to a higher resolution camera anyway.

    ** Note "removemunged" in email address and remove to reply. **
    Paul Wylie, Jan 13, 2005
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