Small problems after SP1 install

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by xiowan, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. xiowan

    xiowan Guest

    Hello all:
    My pc is working great with Vista Ultimate 64 bit but I have two minor
    problems that I think may be related to the SP1 update. I used the Microsoft
    SP1 Update CD rather than download on a slow 56k connection and the install
    went fine. Since the install of SP1 I have occasionally noticed intermittant
    very, very brief freezes of live tv in Media Center. It isn't really a
    problem, more just an annoyance. Looking back thru my Windows Updates I
    noticed an Intel Graphics Media driver was installed after SP1. The date on
    the driver update was Feb., 2008. There are no graphics updates later than
    Jan.27, 2008 on the Intel site for my board so I had went ahead and let
    Microsoft update the drivers. Is it possible that Microsoft Update would
    have a post SP1 Intel Graphics driver update before it is listed on the Intel
    support site? I am thinking I should uninstall the graphics in device mgr
    and re-install the latest drivers from the Intel site to see if that cures
    the video freeze problem. Would this be a likely solution? The other problem
    I'm having is that when I try to manually download Media Center Guide updates
    I frequently get an almost immediate notification that the Guide update is
    complete even though when I hold the cursor over the download icon it never
    goes past 0% complete. If I then try to download the guide again, most times
    it goes thru the complete lengthy update correctly. This happens on 2 64-bit
    pcs with Vista SP1 and 1 32-bit pc with XP Media Center 2005. This has only
    been occurring for the last month or so. I tried going thru the complete
    Media Center set-up on all thru pc's again and the problem still occurs. Is
    this something unique to my pc's or is there a widespread problem with Guide
    updates? tucson
    xiowan, Apr 30, 2008
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  2. xiowan

    xiowan Guest

    First problem solved. Uninstalled the graphics drivers and re-installed
    latest (but older than Microsoft Update) drivers from the Intel website and
    the live tv freezes seem to be eliminated. Still have no idea why the Media
    Center Guide updates won't download the first try. Any suggestions? tucson
    xiowan, Apr 30, 2008
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