Slides and Gallery Prints from Digital Photos

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by TaoSurfer, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. TaoSurfer

    TaoSurfer Guest

    Hello All,

    Every since I got my Nikon D100 (over a year back), I find myself using my F100
    and N80 less and less. I primarily use my F100 anytime I know that I am
    shooting images that I want slides of, and I almost never use my D100. I do
    not shoot print film anymore, and have always preferred slides. That said, my
    D100 produces incredible images that compete with slide processing.

    I've noticed that many of the online and mail order photo printing companies
    are now offering to make slides from digital files. Does anyone have any
    experience with this? Primarily I want to know how good the quality of the
    slides are if you submit a clear high-resolution file?

    Secondly, do any of you have any experience with getting gallery images printed
    from digital files? I am looking to find a high-quality printer to have
    gallery and poster size images made.

    Cost is secondary to both of these questions as I know you get what you pay
    for. I am looking for a quality company with pro results, rather than finding
    a company who does decent prints at a low cost.

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

    Please email me directly as well as copy the group.

    Chris Jett

    ~Stay in Focus~
    TaoSurfer, Apr 25, 2004
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  2. TaoSurfer

    Savidge4 Guest

    Secondly, do any of you have any experience with getting gallery images
    The answer to this question is probably not as easy as suggesting that you
    visit to get the prints made. Chances are more than good
    depending on the size community you live in, that you can get your prints made
    by someone in your town.

    Some of the things you want to look for in a Printer would be obviously the
    plotter that they have. HP, Epson, Iris, Mimaki, Ixia, and Roland are all good
    brands. from the plotter you can then research the "best" ink/paper
    combination. that will give you the best overall longevity, as well as the best
    overall color. i am going to go ahead and say this (knowing that I will catch
    flack for it)... you will want to ask if the company is using 3rd party ink.
    If they are i persoanlly would suggest finding someone else. (I say this from
    personal printing expirience. Side by side the prints made form 3rd party inks
    vs factory inks are not the same.)

    Another thing you want to look at when speaking with a prospective printer is
    what RIP (Rastor Image Processor) they use. todays RIP's do alot more that
    Process Rastor Images. I personally use PosterJet and the overall print
    quality and color control is F A R better than anything that comes stock with

    hope that helps!
    Savidge4, Apr 25, 2004
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