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Discussion in 'VOIP' started by GG, May 4, 2006.

  1. GG

    GG Guest

    After changing my network architecture, I am unable to use Skype 2.0
    because it generates a roughly 1.5 second-delayed echo that makes
    conversation impossible. The words of the party dialed come in garbled,
    echoed bursts, followed by silence.

    I have already contacted Skype's technical support (weak though it is),
    but their suggestions were fruitless and aimed at the most basic
    problems (I used the same headphone-mike setup before and after the
    problem started, and Skype configuration changes made no difference).

    Before the problem started, my Internet (cable) connected to a cable
    modem, which went to a 2-port hub, which went to a Windows XP SE2 PC
    running Skype 2.0 (latest version).

    The problem started after switching to optical fiber, so that the
    internet arrives by optical fiber connected to an optical modem, which
    runs into a Belkin pre-N router (used only in LAN-cable wired mode, not
    wireless), which runs into a 16-port hub, which runs to my PC via LAN
    cable. The length of the LAN is about 450 feet/170 meters of Class 6

    If I connect my PC directly to the router (bypassing the hub), the
    problem still exists but the echo is shorter. If I connect my PC
    directly to the optical modem, I don't get an internet connection.

    I am dialing the same overseas numbers before and after the problem.
    The problem exists whether I use an IBM PC or a Dell PC, both of which
    had no problem before the system architecture change. These are not
    conference conversations. The problem exists whether I dial a person or
    a recording, a toll or a toll-free number on the other side.

    The optical fiber ISP, Belkin and the hub manufacturer all claim their
    equipment is VoIP compatible.

    Useful suggestions on how to eliminate the echo in Skype would be

    GG, May 4, 2006
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