Sky and TalkTalk are planning rollout of 1GB fiber broadband next year in York

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by 7, Apr 16, 2014.

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    George Weston wrote:

    Changed socks already Bob Eager?

    Why can't you stick with just the one sock?

    Have you discussed your commercial internet trolling operatons
    in uk.telecom.broadband operations with the Police yet?

    After all these days internet trolls are being jailed by the dozen.


    It is illegal in UK to be operating an internet troll company and
    posting any kind of abuse at internet users hiding behind
    multiple socks.

    May be you would like to tell the judge in person why
    you believe you have rights to be trolling uk.telecom.broadband?

    Seeing so many have been jailed already,
    may be you should be discussing this with your parol officer?


    Bob Eager wrote:

    Bog Eager the internet troll without a job calls on deity again?

    News at 10!!

    Your fellow socks you are pounding up their ass with your left hand
    all seem to agree with you every word you type troll!!

    They always do :)

    Have you thought about getting a decent paid job after
    working the newsgroup all this time as an internet troll?

    Commies like you expect to be paid, clothed and fed
    but produce nothing of value to society sapping off the
    rest of society.


    Is it worth listening to opinions of low pay trolls
    hired by 4th rate trolling companies any who?

    Not anymore me thinks!

    Trolling is an Industry in USA

    Hiring low pay online trolls is ignorant.

    Those hiring online trolls are too afraid to make a statement
    in person in case their bollocks got cut off and sold
    on ebay for 2 cents. The directors of companies that set up trolling
    corporations are themselves afraid of ebay.

    Most US politicians and businesses
    are so corrupt and reliant to the point of addiction
    on trolls and trolling and so they fund it all illegally
    through charities because
    funding through charities is untraceable
    through loopholes in US law.

    The lastest insertions of NSA trolls
    is in the courier busienss. If you thinking of ordering stuff
    through Fedexx or UPSs or any US based courier
    then be sure to give it a miss. The NSA trolls and their
    equivalents have been inserted in there to pass up information
    to corporate thieves. They can order
    up disruption to your deliveries, especially if you are open
    source company. Typically stuff goes missing whenever
    there are important samples being couriered around, or when
    there is about to be some important event taking place.

    With trolls inserted into every fabric of socienty, USA is become
    the world's top trolling nation.

    It doesn't end there.

    Even the NSA and GCHQ is afraid of internet trolling corporations
    like Burson Marstelar and their parent company with its 100,000 trolls.
    They should be hacking them because it is their job
    to get the inside dirt on every politician, and powerful businesses
    that rely on trolling corporations. These internet trolling corporations
    have more information than governments that is worthwhile for the
    power it has over the running of the world than any other internet treasure
    worth its weight in gold.

    Nearly all foul mouthed trolling across all of usenet and forums
    originates from the USA trolling industry.
    The same ones screaming abuse against Americans
    are the same ones screaming abuse at the rest of the world.
    The US politician is proud because without their
    daily dose of illegal funding through charities, and the
    services of industrial strength trolling machinery,
    they would be out flipping burgers for a living.

    Troll friendly usenet sites like
    banned by,,,
    and for its foul mouth and lies over trolling
    and off topic spammer friendly posting policies against
    the usenet charter of all known groups is where all of
    the trolling problems begins.

    The US politicians, embassy staff and anyone else falling for it like
    Spanish government should know that the US trolls
    ordering embassies to this kind of work
    have no mandate for these kinds of activities.

    Just rich companies that have bank rolled teams of asstroturfers
    to create fake support and certainly no mandate.
    Companies like Eedleman also run fake survey companies
    and delete everything except outlying data to fake their reports
    to add legitimacy to their trolling campaigns.

    The US trolling companies now set up branch offices
    in foreign countries like Netherlands
    and UK to post illegally and subversively what is
    handed down the chain of command leading all the way to
    fake charities and marketing trolls
    shielded illegally behind big corporations in US.
    Wikileaks tells us 5% of all US diplomatic activity is to
    do with Appil and Micorshaft trolls and their
    trolling armies controlling US diplomatic services
    at tax payer expense as their personal puppets.

    There is NO MANDATE when fake asstroturfers are driving
    the agenda.

    The situation is so bad, it has spread into the military.
    No one now knows who drives what agenda because
    there is no traceability.

    The fscking military, politicians, enviro nuts, music mafia,
    using asstroturfing technology need the riot act read to them.

    The situation is so incomprehensible that
    the US has been declared falsely that it is the most charitable nation in
    the world when at the same time 3 million US families
    are living in shelter, and most of that charity money is fake
    money being diverted from corporations into the coffers of asstroturfing
    and PR companies. What would you do if you were
    forced into a shelter and all your charity
    money was stolen from your charity?
    You are down and they still want to steal YOUR CHARITY MONEY?!??
    Thats right you would tell them NEVER and tell
    them fsck off in no uncertain terms and get the law changed
    to make it a criminal offense to steal charity money
    or spend it on anything other than 100% certified peer reviewed charity
    without kickbacks, without creative accounting and
    without morally unjust criminal behavior within
    the charity system.

    Most of the money funneled through
    charities never make it to charitable causes in the USA.
    It is stolen by politicians and pressure groups to cover
    up their fake funding routes for asstroturfing.
    They are used to it so we got to get over it?

    No thanks!!!!

    Not a single politician, embassy staff or military has a
    mandate for one single political agenda because no one
    knows who is funding who and who's agenda is real
    and whose agenda is fake. Every signature collected
    is one more fake signature for a mandate written out by

    Asstroturfing through charities undermines society,
    and all the nations dealing with US
    and it must stop because no one in US has any legitimate
    mandates for any of this activity any more.

    If they have it, then should display their mandate
    with pride, and show where the support had come from
    and if any of it is through charities, then the
    whole mandate is faked because charity status is being
    abused to hide funding routes for corporate asstroturfing.

    Asstroturfer offerings

    I've just read the contents of the solicitation RTB220610

    The US government wants asstroturfers and with it sophisticated
    asstroturfing technology to drown out democratic free speech,
    and then hide from those whom it seeks to victimize.

    It was point no.3 that caught my eye:
    0003- Static IP Address Management

    What that means is the same as what I've been saying for a while about
    doofi, flatcake and clog are true.

    They are not individuals but a whole asstroturfing team
    behind each sock puppet.

    There isn't enough memory between the sock operators to know
    or remember what had been said earlier so you know the
    conversations are being typed out by multiple individuals
    impersonating each other.
    It was notable gaffs by the goofy doofy sock that first gave it away.

    The asstroturfing teams had already gone into government and offered them
    consulting services about what technology and asstroturfing
    practices were out there for to decide what they will
    purchase in solicitation RTB220610. Burson-Marstelar
    won the contract performing all the activities
    required in the solicitation with fantastic usenet software
    tools for targeting individuals and trolling 24/7
    and all built in outsourced India.


    Solicitation Number: RTB220610
    Notice Type: Sources Sought
    Synopsis: Added: 2010-06-22 13:42:52Jun 22, 2010 1:42 pm
    Modified: 2010-06-22 14:07:11Jun 22, 2010 2:07 pmTrack Changes

    0001- Online Persona Management Service.

    50 User Licenses, 10 Personas per user. Software will
    allow 10 personas per user, replete with background,
    history, supporting details, and cyber presences
    that are technically, culturally and geographically
    consistent. Individual applications will enable an
    operator to exercise a number of different online
    persons from the same workstation and without fear
    of being discovered by sophisticated adversaries.
    Personas must be able to appear to originate in
    nearly any part of the world and can interact through
    conventional online services and social media platforms.
    The service includes a user friendly application
    environment to maximize the user's situational
    awareness by displaying real-time local information.

    0002- Secure Virtual Private Network (VPN).

    1 each VPN provides the ability for users to
    daily and automatically obtain
    randomly selected IP addresses through
    which they can access the internet. The daily
    rotation of the user s IP address prevents compromise
    during observation of likely or targeted web sites
    or services, while hiding the existence of the
    operation. In addition, may provide traffic mixing,
    blending the user s traffic with traffic from multitudes
    of users from outside the organization. This traffic
    blending provides excellent cover and powerful deniability.
    Anonymizer Enterprise Chameleon or equal

    0003- Static IP Address Management.

    :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

    50 each Licence protects the identity of government
    agencies and enterprise organizations. Enables organizations
    to manage their persistent online personas by assigning
    static IP addresses to each persona. Individuals
    can perform static impersonations, which allow
    them to look like the same person over time. Also allows
    organizations that frequent same site/service often to
    easily switch IP addresses to look like ordinary
    users as opposed to one organization.
    Anonymizer IP Mapper License or equal

    :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

    0004- Virtual Private Servers,

    CONUS. 1 each Provides CONUS or OCONUS points of
    presence locations that are setup for each customer
    based on the geographic area of operations the
    customer is operating within and which allow a
    customer?s online persona(s) to appear to originate
    from. Ability to provide virtual private servers that
    are procured using commercial hosting centers around
    the world and which are established anonymously. Once
    procured, the geosite is incorporated into the network
    and integrated within the customers environment and
    ready for use by the customer. Unless specifically
    designated as shared, locations are dedicated for use
    by each customer and never shared among other customers.
    Anonymizer Annual Dedicated CONUS Light Geosite or equal

    0005- Virtual Private Servers, OCONUS.

    8 Each Provides CONUS or OCONUS points of presence
    locations that are setup for each customer based on
    the geographic area of operations the customer is
    operating within and which allow a customer?s
    online persona(s) to appear to
    originate from. Ability to provide virtual private
    servers that are procured using commercial hosting
    centers around the world and which are established
    anonymously. Once procured, the geosite is incorporated
    into the network and integrated within the customers
    environment and ready for use by the customer. Unless
    specifically designated as shared, locations are dedicated
    for use by each customer and never shared among other
    customers. Anonymizer Annual Dedicated OCONUS Light
    Geosite or equal

    0006- Remote Access Secure Virtual Private Network.

    1 each Secure Operating Environment provides a reliable
    and protected computing environment from which to stage
    and conduct operations. Every session uses a clean
    Virtual Machine (VM) image. The solution is accessed
    through sets of Virtual Private Network (VPN) devices
    located at each Customer facility. The fully-managed
    VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is an environment
    that allows users remote access from their desktop into
    a VM. Upon session termination, the VM is deleted and
    any virus, worm, or malicious software that the user
    inadvertently downloaded is destroyed. Anonymizer
    Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Solution or equal.

    Contracting Office Address:
    2606 Brown Pelican Ave.
    MacDill AFB, Florida 33621-5000
    United States
    Place of Performance:
    Performance will be at MacDIll AFB, Kabul, Afghanistan and Baghdad, Iraq.
    MacDill AFB , Florida 33679
    United States

    Primary Point of Contact.:
    Russell Beasley,
    Contracting Officer

    Phone: (813) 828-4729
    Fax: (813) 828-5111
    7, Apr 22, 2014
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  2. 7

    Kraftee Guest

    Here we go, verbal abuse splashed around with little knowledge being shown

    BIG HINT you're the wrong side of the pond if you want to start quoting what
    they say in the BIG U.S
    Kraftee, Apr 22, 2014
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  3. 7

    Phil W Lee Guest

    Never underestimate the bandwidth of a 747-8F full of Blu-Ray disks.

    (I can remember when we said the same thing about a 747-100F full of
    360k floppy disks).
    Phil W Lee, Apr 23, 2014
  4. 7

    Phil W Lee Guest

    I doubt if geography is it's strong point.
    In fact, I've yet to see any evidence of any strengths at all.
    Phil W Lee, Apr 23, 2014
  5. 7

    Phil W Lee Guest

    I used to sync DFS filesystems across the Atlantic in the days when
    only the best connected businesses had kilostream.

    If you can't make it work, you aren't doing it right.
    Phil W Lee, Apr 23, 2014
  6. 7

    Rodney Pont Guest

    Are you including the time it takes to write and subsequently read them
    Rodney Pont, Apr 23, 2014
  7. 7

    Bob Eager Guest

    I can remember when we said the same about a van full of 30MB half inch
    tapes! (which we had on a daily basis as part of off-site backup)
    Bob Eager, Apr 23, 2014
  8. That doesn't affect the bandwidth, only the latency.

    One plane load writing, one flying, one reading.

    And it was a station wagon full of tapes. By chance I mentioned this
    today, even though we're talking about a thumb drive in the post!

    Vir Campestris, Apr 23, 2014
  9. 7

    Phil W Lee Guest

    I got 3TB from Preston to near Cambridge in about 18 hours last
    night/this morning.
    The time would have been the same if it had been 300TB (or any
    multiple thereof up to the size of any reasonable shipment), but it
    would have taken a bit more effort to put it online.
    There are only so many drives you can put on a PC before the lights
    start dimming when you power it up.
    Phil W Lee, Apr 24, 2014
  10. 7

    Phil W Lee Guest

    Yeah, but vans don't cope well with maintaining a transatlantic mirror
    Having said that, if you can cope with the latency, the bandwidth of a
    container ship is awesome!
    Phil W Lee, Apr 24, 2014
  11. 7

    Martin Brown Guest

    A very reasonable question. Most conferencing systems can cope with
    <500k upload rates at somewhat degraded levels of frame rate/detail.
    If you want a specific very high speed internet in the UK then you are
    very restricted in where you can site your premises. Industrial grade
    internet services also tend to be more expensive than consumer.
    UK internet is pretty reliable today even in the sticks but not quick.
    It only really goes down when there are floods in local exchanges.

    BDUK have basically sold out rural consumers to a BT monopoly and 2Mbps
    is all you can hope for now as a basic service away from cities :(

    And sometimes even in cities. I know of a local village with corroded
    aluminium wiring where they are lucky to get 256kbps sync.
    The internet is working even if your bit isn't.
    A second independent connection to the net is wise if your business is
    so critically dependent on it.
    It is their job to get as much money for the services they sell as they
    possibly can - duty to shareholders to maximise profits. You seem to
    want something for nothing.
    How much volume of bulk data are you talking about?
    Courier and USB stick(s) might be faster.
    They will do it, but they will also expect *you* to pay for them.
    It already can, but don't expect to buy a dirt cheap second hand Reliant
    Robin and then complain incessantly that it doesn't drive like a new
    Martin Brown, Apr 24, 2014
  12. 7

    chris Guest

    Reminds me of this What if? (from the XKCD guy)
    chris, Apr 25, 2014
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