site-to-site vpn

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Slava, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. Slava

    Slava Guest

    show a sample configuration, there are two routers with two ISPs
    they set up a choice of providers in the fall of another, you need to
    connect 2 routers tunnel,
    in what way will be a choice on what sort of tunnel back to work,
    please give an example of working configuration.

    R1------------- isp1--------------R2
    -------------isp2 --------------
    Slava, Dec 20, 2011
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  2. Slava

    Brian V Guest

    do your own homework
    Brian V, Dec 20, 2011
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  3. Slava

    Scott Lowe Guest

    Most people here would be happy to help, if you show that you are
    willing to do your part as well.

    Here, allow me to help you get started:


    Good luck!
    Scott Lowe, Dec 20, 2011
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