sipgate - good or bad with a netgear ta612v voice adapter ?

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Paul, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. Paul

    Paul Guest

    I bought the adapter today from staples for £9.50

    any comments on the adaptor and sipgate ?


    Paul, Jan 16, 2007
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  2. Paul

    N.Dexter Guest

    Oh deer I have just bitten my tongue aren't I feeling kind Ivor !! .
    N.Dexter, Jan 16, 2007
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  3. Paul

    Paul Guest

    that bad then ?

    Paul, Jan 16, 2007
  4. Paul

    tkd Guest

    tkd, Jan 16, 2007
  5. Paul

    Ivor Jones Guest

    Don't take any notice of Dexter, he's the resident group troll, most
    people have him killfiled now, but he won't do the same for me,
    unfortunately ;-)

    The TA612V is perfectly ok, it's not the one I would choose, but then I'm
    a bit of a nerd and like fiddling with setting and things, but for actual
    use as a router/VoIP adaptor it's fine and configures itself on Sipgate
    via their website (I assume you've done this..?)

    If you need any help in setting things up, let me know. If you want to
    make/receive some test calls, try 1431320 (my speaking clock) or email me
    off group with your SIP ID and I'll call you back. Replace invalid with
    com in sending address to reply.

    Ivor Jones, Jan 16, 2007
  6. can't comment on the adapter, but I did give sipgate a try initially, as
    I thought folks may have been a bit harsh about the service.

    only used it for icoming calls, but the quality for the week or more I
    tried to use them made it a no-go especially as a main communications
    media for my business.

    I originally tried to put money on the account but the web-site wouldn't
    work. Incoming calls transferred from BT line (BT Forward on busy) were

    If it's not businiess-critical use (just playing around with the
    technology) then give it a go, but don't be disheartned if call quality
    is not what you you were expecting, there are plenty more options to
    chose from, most of which will provide extremely good call quality and

    Be sure to let us know how you get on.

    I have been trying to get my original sipgate 0845 number registered at
    home, but my router won't register the account for some reason.

    (I really want to give sipgate a fair chance before joining the "sipgate
    is crap" brigade completely)


    =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=22Pet_=40_www=2Egymratz=2Eco=2Euk_, Jan 17, 2007
  7. Paul

    Ivor Jones Guest

    ""Pet @ ;¬)"" <>
    wrote in message

    I'd be interested in knowing more about your setup, as I've never once had
    a call quality issue with Sipgate. Yes they've had more than their fair
    share of problems, and the system has gone down a few times, but never has
    any call been less than perfect quality.

    What equipment are you using and what settings are you trying to enter..?
    Some screenshots would be useful (forward to me directly rather than post
    on the group, unless you have a website available, as this group doesn't
    support attachments). Replace invalid with com in sending address to

    Ivor Jones, Jan 17, 2007
  8. I have a DrayTek Vigor 2910vg both here in the shop and at home.
    In the shop I have 2 phones in the 2 adaptors one phone is a DECT the
    other a bit of an antiquity (BT Decor 100)

    The only settings I have needed to tinker with on the vigor has been
    mic. and speaker gain, and changing the DTMF Relay from "in Band" to
    "SIP INFO (Cisco Format)" to get DTMF tones to be recognised by PSTN
    equipment, switchboards, automated operator etc etc.

    Screen shots... Never did quite understand how to do those!


    I am of course willing to give sipgate a fair chance, it's just the
    alternatives I was forced to try due to lack of confidence in sipgate
    have proved to work very well with the Vigors. for the majority of outbound calls and for
    0845 inbound numbers and for calling all other numbers where lack of
    caller ID presents the problem of recipient not answering
    "international" calls.

    Just thought that as I had a nice 0845 number through sipgate I could
    allocate it to our home line rather than a tricky to remember 056000...
    number, then folks would have a choice.

    =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=22Pet_=40_www=2Egymratz=2Eco=2Euk_, Jan 17, 2007
  9. Paul

    Ivor Jones Guest

    ""Pet @ ;¬)"" <>
    wrote in message
    That's usual, SIP INFO is probably the best to use for most providers.
    Assuming Windows, Ctrl-Print Screen to copy to clipboard. Then import them
    into whatever program you want such as Word.
    Hmm, there's no such thing as a "nice" 0845 number, you'd be far better
    off getting a normal geographic number. You won't find many here who will
    be happy to call an 0845 or 0870 number..! It's still free from Sipgate of
    course, but PSTN callers won't thank you..!

    Ivor Jones, Jan 17, 2007
  10. I agree from the point of view of calling using voip, but of the 100's
    of calls we get each week, I doubt there will be a 0.1 of a percent of
    callers that are using VOIP to call.
    Even if they are it's still only going to cost a few pence a minute at

    0845 86 86 888 is our "nice" number of course we still have our
    original BT number of old should anyone desire.

    0870 numbers are the pits I agree.
    My good ole dad pointed me to a great site just last night!

    I have of course added our business details to it but it's one well
    worth remembering Try doing a search for DVLA


    I'm sure everyone here will find a use for it.
    =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=22Pet_=40_www=2Egymratz=2Eco=2Euk_, Jan 17, 2007
  11. Paul

    Jono Guest

    "Pet @ ;¬)" explained on 17/01/2007 :

    You seem to be blissfully unaware that calls to 0845 numbers cost from
    about 4 times more to call than if you have a normal 01/02/0560 number.

    Unless you get a cut from the call revenue to your 0845 number, the
    provider of it certainly is getting a cut.

    Ivor's point was that if, as a Sipgate customer you dial a Sipgate 0845
    number, the call is routed by VoIP & is therefore free. However if
    someone is ringing from, say a normal fixed line, they'll be paying a
    Jono, Jan 17, 2007
  12. Perhaps I am getting confused somewhere.
    I was under the impression local rate i.e. same geographical number
    calling same geo. number was around the same price on a week day daytime
    call as 0845 (or the other way round) i.e. 3 p/min

    0870 number is as I was under the impression, a National rate number or,
    the same rate as somone calling a non-local 01/02 (e.g. 7p/min weekday

    0560 numbers "seemed" to be close enough to the cost of a local call as
    not to make a difference.

    As virtually all our customers are calling from outside the 0117 area it
    seemed to make sense to offer an 0845 number which would be cheaper and
    more memorable.

    I am confused again.


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    =?ISO-8859-15?Q?=22Pet_=40_www=2Egymratz=2Eco=2Euk, Jan 17, 2007
  13. Paul

    Jono Guest

    "Pet @ ;¬)" used his keyboard to write :
    In the good old days what you state was true, however, the only group
    of people, with the exception of some business customers, that pay the
    same for local/0845 and national/0870 are Light User Scheme customers

    It's true that, on BT at 3ppm to 01/02 numbers, 3.94ppm is not much
    more, however, it is more. I, for one, avoid paying more than 1ppm if I
    Yes, but with the same exceptions, there aren't any plans that I can
    think of where there is a distinction between local & national - so why
    should there be a difference with 0560? I had always though the pricing
    was the same as geo - found out tonight it's not.
    Certainly less expensive than 0870, however calls to an 0845 number
    would not normally be included in calls allowed on an "inclusive"
    package. It is unlikely to ever be cheaper to call an 0845 number than
    a national number with current pricing plans
    Jono, Jan 17, 2007
  14. Paul

    David Floyd Guest

    No. It's cheaper to call a Bristol (0117) number form North of Scotland,
    or Lands End than calling an 0845 number
    David Floyd, Jan 17, 2007
  15. Paul

    David Floyd Guest

    is not free to PSTN users, re your entry on saynoto0870
    David Floyd, Jan 17, 2007
  16. I know.
    I am looking to rectify the error.
    By the looks of things I will be setting up another 0117 to publish
    alongside the 0845 one to give folks more options


    =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=22Pet_=40_www=2Egymratz=2Eco=2Euk_, Jan 18, 2007
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