SIP: URI Dialling (without auth / proxy registration)

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by News Reader, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. News Reader

    News Reader Guest


    Previously here guidance has been given on SIP URI dialling formatting.

    The specific example I recall and am interested in is where a service
    provider (such as Betamax [or at least used to be!]) can be sent a
    chargeable, tariff or proxy authentication (routed / provisioned) call to,
    without registering to their proxy / registrar first. I.e. by sending ones
    username and password in the SIP URI dialling string together with the
    destination and phone number.

    E.g. Normal SIP URI dialling string:

    Call - To: 0800 800 800 - Using:

    = SIP:

    What I need or want is the correct format for passing one's service provider
    or registration username and password. E.g. when accessing an ftp server via
    URI one use the format (as I loosely recall):
    username:p/targetpath .

    Thanks in advance and best wishes,

    News Reader
    News Reader, Jul 26, 2011
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  2. page 148.

    Note that the inclusion of passwords is not advised and the service
    provider may well not accept them.
    David Woolley, Jul 31, 2011
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  3. News Reader

    News Reader Guest


    Thank you very much for your reply David.

    I note your observations regarding sensibility, security and service
    provider acceptance(/ability).

    I had reviewed the IETF draft (document). However, as an RFC it was
    intelligible, where, as much other reference material or documentation in
    this domain, it seemed to focus or reference own or local system context.
    I.e. one passing a user and or password for their own system, extension or
    account, in order to then perform a configuration, identification or
    setting, for an (one's) own account or extension, number, etc.

    The context I am looking for is of calling a foreign party (destination
    number) using my (or "local" [{my} service provider]) authentication. I.e.
    context - run of the mill or generic SIP voice service provider (VSP?):

    Process: SIP User <--> VSP Server <--> Destination Phone

    URI?(?): Destination (Target) Phone <--> Authentication Details @ VSP
    Server (domain)

    SIP User rather than registering to or with VSP SIP server, sends combined
    dial string (destination or target phone number) and user (customer account)
    authentication credentials (like for pass through dialling [and
    authentication / authorisation]).

    Hence, what "string" or URI should be used (presented)? All common(ly
    available) or technical examples show user:pass as initial string, where all
    normal SIP URI's I have seen or know (that I can remember ! - aaagghhhh..
    used to know or had / have seen the particular SIP URI with authentication
    format I am on about[!] [just wish I could remember or recall where I had
    seen the reference; where the reference is stored])... start with
    destination number (target) @ domain .

    All the examples in technical reference materials seem to propose
    authentication details @ domain ; extra or extended switches, settings,
    parameters or object[ive] (authentication/ed functions or options)
    (typically seemingly not including an onward dial or target destination
    field or number entry, field, etc.!?).


    lol... so simple... so lost or wheat for chaff. hmmm..

    Best wishes,

    News Reader
    News Reader, Jul 31, 2011
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