Single number, multiple lines. How to?

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by fred, May 5, 2010.

  1. fred

    fred Guest

    I looking at having 2 VOIP lines in a small home office but would like
    to advertise just one number and have incoming calls fed to whichever of
    the lines is free at the time.

    A provider I have spoken to doesn't support conditional routing such as
    divert on busy but has suggested linking the lines with 'also ring' so
    that both lines ring whenever there is an incoming call but I can see
    problems with this.

    Both voip lines will be routed into a Siemens Gigaset IP system (C475IP
    or S685IP - 2 voip + 1 pstn) with 3 handsets and I had planned to have
    ring for any incoming call. I can see it being confusing to have both
    incoming lines ringing (via 'also ring') as it will look as if there are
    2 incoming calls instead of 1 and if the call goes to voicemail (on the
    gigaset) will it get confused and try to take 2 messages?

    I can imagine this being quite a common configuration, eg shop with 2
    lines and one number, so can't believe I'm the first to come across

    How are others doing this?
    fred, May 5, 2010
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  2. fred

    fred Guest

    Thanks for your reply.
    Your app may be the other way up to my question, ie multiple numbers
    feeding into 2 lines rather than one number feeding into 2 lines. If one
    of your handsets is already busy taking an incoming call on the number
    for voip_line1 does that mean that if another incoming call is received
    on that number it will receive an engaged tone? If so, that is what I'm
    trying to avoid, I want the call to be made available to voip_line2 but
    to me that needs divert on busy which my proposed provider says they
    don't do.

    Similarly, if I have voip_line1 tied up with an outgoing call, I don't
    want it to be busied out to incoming callers dialling in on the
    voip_line1 number.
    Yes, that's another one I'm looking to set up but thought the question
    was complex enough as it was and I view that as the easy bit. Do
    TalkTalk charge you a monthly fee for making divert on busy available?
    I'm trying to avoid lots of little annoying charges adding up to a more
    significant monthly bill.
    I agree but it's just those last few niggles that I'm trying to iron
    Thanks, we just pass the handset to transfer as no-one is likely to keep
    the right handset on their charger for very long.
    fred, May 5, 2010
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  3. You only need one SIP account with a provider and one SIP account in the
    phone base station. You can then arrange for all the handsets to ring
    on an incoming call using the menus in the base station web interface.
    (if this is what you're after)

    First call comes in - all handsets ring, you answer one.

    2nd call comes in, the remaining handsets ring - another person answers it.

    If you get a 3rd VoIP call then the Siemens will give-up as it can
    only handle 2 VoIP calls at once, so will return 'busy' to the ITSP,
    and if you don't have voicemail provided by the ITSP, it'll return busy
    to the caller. (so that's the down-side - 2 voicemails to manage -
    one on the Siemens for the analogue line and one in the ITSP for VoIP
    calls) however if the siemens base was only providing voicemail for
    the analogue line and it is your home line, then you have 2 messages -
    one for home on the siemens, and one for the office via the ITSP.

    You'll also have to look at the handset before answering - to see if it's
    a fixed-line call (analogue) and presumably a home call, rather than a
    'work' call via VoIP.

    However, some ITSPs put artificial restrictions on doing this sort of
    thing because they want to sell you 2 connections and not just one.
    For what you want, one SIP account is adequate - as long as the provider
    will send more than one call down the same account - The siemens is
    perfectly capable of working like this - it's exactly how I have my home
    handsets setup.

    Gordon Henderson, May 5, 2010
  4. fred

    fred Guest

    Thanks, that makes it very clear, it sounds like a non-problem.

    Diverting a call to the landline when 2 voip calls are in place might be
    nice too but I think we can cover this rare occurrence with a delayed
    'also ring' if required. Agreed, separate voicemail could be tiresome
    but I think it's workable, we'll probably take the voip voicemail with
    mp3 files via email as they offer this option.
    That's something that I'm happy to play with later once the basic
    functionality is sorted out, it's certainly not a show stopper.
    I will experiment and see how this goes with my planned provider. If
    they do restrict the number of calls per connection I'll report it back
    here so people are aware..

    Thanks again.
    fred, May 5, 2010
  5. fred

    fred Guest

    Thanks for that, no doubt I'll be back for more support when I'm at the
    testing stage, probably at the weekend.

    A quick google shows that passing the Gigaset eth through the isp
    supplied BeBox may be a challenge but I'll worry about that when the
    time comes. Also found out that the BeBox has a voip port too but not as
    whizzy as the Gigaset so that can be there as a backup.
    fred, May 5, 2010
  6. Aargh - you're one of those old Bristolians who think their dialling
    code is 01179... It's just 0117... Almost as bad as the Londoners....
    Your number is 0117 911 8139

    Gordon Henderson, May 5, 2010
  7. fred

    Dave Higton Guest

    In message <hrsnho$2vfv$>
    Yeah, we get loads of Southampton numbers written as 02380 xxxxxx
    Same problem.

    Dave Higton, May 6, 2010
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