Simple SIP phone for providing support

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Mark Rogers, May 28, 2012.

  1. Mark Rogers

    Mark Rogers Guest

    I'm looking for a simple SIP phone to supply to a customer for support purposes.

    Therefore I don't need a desktop phone with the capability of dialing anywhere; I just want the ability to preconfigure it with (eg) a Sipgate accountand give it the ability to call a pre-defined support contact. If it coulddo nothing else that would be a bonus (ie you can use it to call the support contact, or to be called by that support contact, but it does nothing else). Something equivalent to those taxi callpoints in supermarkets (although I have no idea whether they're VoIP or not).


    I'm looking for something that will just plug into network and power and "just work".

    Although the ability to limit the functionality would be useful, I'm not too concerned at this stage if I can't do that. The equivalent of a wireless VoIP handset but on a cable would be fine; the problem I have is with the big desktop phones not being very suitable for the purpose mainly because oftheir size.

    Mark Rogers
    Mark Rogers, May 28, 2012
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  2. Good luck there there ;-)

    However the Grandstream phones can be configured in "bat phone" mode
    whereby they dial a pre-set number when you lift the handset...

    I'm sure others can do this too, but those are the only ones I've
    experience of. (in that mode)

    Biggest issue is going to be reliable NAT and firewall traversal at sites
    where you don't control their Internet connection.

    Gordon Henderson, May 28, 2012
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  3. Mark Rogers

    Chris Davies Guest

    Anything based on the Sipura firmware can also be configured this
    way. Such phones are usually branded either as Linksys or Cisco, and
    often have a model reference starting SPA.

    As an example (although I haven't used this one specifically), the SPA301
    looks plausible.

    Chris Davies, May 28, 2012
  4. Per Mark Rogers:
    I don't know much - and don't even know if I know enough to fully
    understand the question/requirements.... but here goes anyhow...

    I'm assuming wifi availability.

    Does the client have an iPhone, iPod, or iPad?

    If so, how about installing one of the VOIP phone apps like

    - Zero desk footprint

    - Integrated with something the client
    is already comfortable with

    - Cheap
    (PeteCresswell), May 28, 2012
  5. Mark Rogers

    Mark Rogers Guest

    I'm liking this option.

    When I Google for Gigaset I find lots of different models, a lot of which are DECT only. Am I just looking for any Gigaset model with IP? Can I use a Gigaset IP/DECT base station with any DECT handsets?
    Mark Rogers, Jun 1, 2012
  6. Mark Rogers

    Mark Rogers Guest

    What are the typical issues that I should look for (and solutions to them if they exist!)? Probably a FAQ so a pointer to it would suffice.

    Any recommendations for SIP providers for this sort of setup? What I'm looking for is the ability to create several accounts which I can manage centrally, with any charges on a PAYG basis (it's quite likely that many lines would go for months without being used so I'd like to avoid the £x/month/line model)

    Mark Rogers, Jun 1, 2012
  7. Mark Rogers

    Owain Guest

    In corporate environments VoIP traffic may be explicitly banned and
    require internal bureaucracy to get approved. Even connecting an
    unofficial attachment to the network may be detected at the MAC
    address level.
    If you set up your own SIP server eg Asterisk then there would be no
    ongoing charges. You can buy small server boxes ready configured.

    Owain, Jun 3, 2012
  8. Mark Rogers

    Mark Rogers Guest

    Thanks for this info.

    I've just ordered a second hand N300A off eBay and an S58H handset from Amazon to get me started (I think that handset will do what I need? I figured that worst case it was GAP compatible so would be useful for £23!)
    Had a quick look there, to be honest I didn't find it very helpful in termsof working out which handsets go with which base. I have requested an account form though, as buying off eBay to play at home is one thing, but if we're looking at this commercially I need to take it more seriously :)

    Mark Rogers, Jun 6, 2012
  9. Mark Rogers

    Mark Rogers Guest

    OK, I've "apt-get install"ed Asterisk on my Desktop to play with. For "internal" calls I can see that this has to be the way to go; presumably for a link to the PSTN I just need a SIP account with someone else to link my Asterisk install to? (By that point it'll be an Asterisk install on a machine on the net, not on my desktop, of-course!)

    Mark Rogers, Jun 6, 2012
  10. Mark Rogers

    Mark Rogers Guest

    I plan on using a VPS on the 'net for this so no phone lines. Which suits me: I spent ages playing with Asterisk in the past focusing on the phone line side of things and became very frustrated with the whole thing. To be fair it was with cheap hardware off eBay, but it's put me off trying to configure Asterisk again until now, so keeping it away from phone lines would be great :)

    Using Asterisk, is it the case that I would be able to use the geo number on my Sipgate account to come into my Asterisk box (VPS), from where I'd be able to connect out to the extensions by dialing extension numbers? If so Ithink that solves pretty much all my problems (aside from making it all work of-course....)

    Mark Rogers, Jun 7, 2012
  11. Mark Rogers

    Graham. Guest

    Yes, of course, that would be DISA.
    Other options would be an auto attendant, "Dial 1 for Support" etc.
    or the Sipgate number could route straight to an extension.

    Just as your phone lines can be virtual, the Asterisk box itself can
    also be virtual, well hosted at any rate. If your requirements are as
    modest as they seem to be check out If you have
    played with [email protected] or Trixbox you will find the interface very
    Graham., Jun 7, 2012
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