Simple question for Canon A310 Owners

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by ME, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. ME

    ME Guest

    Thanks in advance for any help that may be forth comming.

    I have a Canon Powershot A310 with NiMh batteries in it and the canon
    supplied 32Meg ram card, all other settings are factory default.

    The question i have is if i take a photo of anything using the flash
    it takes ten seconds before i can take another photo even with brand
    new fully charged batteries, is this normal how long does it take on
    your cameras. It didn't used to take this long i an sure. If i don't
    use the flash operation is normal. What happens for these ten seconds
    is that for the first three seconds i get a still image of the photo i
    have just taken as the camera is set up to do. Then i get a black
    screen for seven seconds.
    I am sure this is not right.

    Thanks again
    ME, Mar 30, 2005
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  2. ME

    ASAAR Guest

    I think that what's happening is the screen is black for the last
    seven seconds to conserve battery power while the flash's capacitor
    is being recharged. This does take a while. If the display stayed
    on, it probably would take several seconds longer than 10 seconds it
    currently takes before the camera would be ready to take the next
    flash picture. My camera's flash is hidden and disabled until it is
    popped up. The manual states:
    I just checked and my camera does the same thing. After a flash
    picture is taken the display briefly shows the picture that was just
    taken, then goes dark while the flash is recharging. The total time
    taken to do this is about 3 seconds. This is with a camera using 4
    AA NiMH batteries. If your camera uses AA batteries and only two of
    them, that would explain why it takes longer to recharge the flash.
    If on the other hand it uses 4 AA batteries then what can I say -
    the A310 is just a slower camera. If your camera uses a proprietary
    NiMH battery (as does my Canon S10) it might be slower because it is
    constructed with fewer NiMH cells inside. Based on the spec's
    printed on the battery, it only uses 3 NiMH cells, and its 3.6
    volts, all else being equal, would take longer to charge a flash
    than the other camera's 4 AA cells that provide 4.8 volts.
    ASAAR, Mar 30, 2005
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  3. ME

    Leonard Guest

    My A300 does the same. It also takes a long time between shots if the
    batteries are very low, so I suspect that it has a low-power low-speed
    mode for writing to the memory card. I notice that when it's writing
    'slowly' the orange light flashes, whereas normally the green light

    - Len
    Leonard, Mar 30, 2005
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