Simple lighting setups with flash

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by eNo, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. eNo

    eNo Guest

    Some time ago, like one often reads in this and other photo groups, I
    was of the opinion that I should avoid flash at all costs. It simply
    wasn't possible to capture natural-looking photos unless one relied
    exclusively on ambient/available light -- and for that, one best get
    the fastest lens and highest ISO performance camera available. Who
    could blame me for such an outlook? Everytime I used the built-in
    flash in my camera, the results were a mess! And prior experience with
    small, inflexible flash units didn't impress either.

    I soon found out, though, that except for very special occasions, the
    quality (color, direction) just wasn't there for a lot of the family
    and friends events I photograph when I relied exclusively on available
    light. During recent family and friends get-togethers, I've tried some
    simple on/off-camera flash setups that you may want to try out. I am
    encouraged with the results, some of which I sample here:

    eNo, Jan 19, 2011
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