Simple encryption utility with USB key

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by Flyn, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. Flyn

    Flyn Guest

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a simple encryption utility that achieves the

    1)Simple user interface i.e. right click in explorer to encrypt and
    decrypt both individual files plus folders,

    2)Reasonable security i.e. not required to defeat the FBI but generally
    make all else forget trying,

    3)Preferably used with a USB data key and PIN i.e. USB device not
    fitted or PIN thereof not known will defeat attack.

    I had a look at Dekart Secrets Keeper and it looks good except that you
    don't appear able to encrypt folders complete.

    Any recommendations? All feedback appreciated,

    Flyn, Jul 20, 2005
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  2. What do others think of Lexar's JumpDrive Secure? It uses 256bit AES
    encryption, so the only real question is the extent to which they can
    guard the secret key. The device is divided into public and secure
    partitions. Everything on the secure partition is encrypted. If the key
    is sufficiently secure, the FBI doesn't have a hope either.
    Shane Petroff, Jul 20, 2005
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  3. Flyn

    winged Guest

    I have used the utility and the drive. The utility is reasonably
    secure, though I have never really tried to crack it, but I have had
    major reliability issues with the Lexar drives, encrypted or otherwise.
    I USB drives on multiple computers on a regular basis daily, and use
    them to store certain credentials.

    I use several Jump drives with various configurations for boot drives
    for configurations where I do not want to boot the system OS. I have
    had 3 of the Lexars fail in less than a year of use. This may be
    related to losing the dang USB caps on the Lexars though I managed to
    preserve one cap (avoid losing it) the life of the drive.

    From a reliability perspective I have had remarkable success with the
    SANS Disk devices. I was a bit nervous about the slide out USB
    connector (figured it would be a failure point), but have not had a
    single failure report from a number of people in our organization who
    are using them. The one feature I miss that the Lexar Jump drives had
    was the write protect slide switch. But the reliability issue more than
    makes up for the functionality difference.

    For encryption on these devices I use a HDD encryption utility that
    encrypts the entire drive just like a regular hard drive though I only
    use this on the USB boot drives. I suspect most HDD disk encryption
    tools would work in this configuration.

    winged, Jul 22, 2005
  4. Flyn

    Flyn Guest

    Thanks for feedback to date. Here is an update from my perspective:

    I spoke to Dekart and they inform me that they hope to offer Secrets
    Keeper with the ability to encrypt complete folders in around 2 months
    time. Further to that though I have decided that I really want a
    complete drive that is automatically safe. I am now trialling the demo
    version of their Private Disk Multifactor which is a software utility
    that generates an encrypted disk partition on any PC or data storage
    device. It's very simple!! Apparently reliable and very secure.

    If you want full details go to the link below but in essence the system
    works as follows:

    The software allows you to generate a new disk partition of any size
    and this is where all of your data goes.

    To access the new drive you need to log in by first inserting a
    standard USB data key or USB token. The key has previously been used in
    the creation of a very, very, long password that is used to encrypt the
    data in your drive using strong 256 bit encryption. However, providing
    the key is inserted you only need to enter a short PIN number (password
    actually) to gain access. (I like that bit!)

    If you log out or simply remove the key the drive is instantly no
    longer visible or accessible. Put the key back in and enter your PIN
    and away you go.

    Multiple users of the same laptop could have their own drives and

    If the executable of a program is in the users drive then only that
    user can access the program.

    Data and PIN details can be backed up elsewhere.

    It's affordable - $49

    It's simple to set up and very simple to use!

    Lose the laptop and your data is safe. Lose the USB key and your data
    is safe (the long password in the USB key is unreadable without the
    PIN). Lose the laptop and USB key together and data is still safe. Lose
    the laptop, USB key and PIN written on a piece of paper all together is

    If you want more detail go to:

    Comments invited, especially from anyone who already uses or trialled


    PS Having re-read the above it looks like I am endorsing the product.
    I'm not, I just want to know if it's as good as it says before I commit.
    Flyn, Jul 22, 2005
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