SilverFast Support (or lack of)

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Stephen, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. Stephen

    Stephen Guest

    Has anyone managed to get any decent support from LaserSoft SilverFast?

    If so please let me into the secret of getting good support from them.

    Recently got a Plustek 7500i film scanner that came with the SilverFast SE
    Plus software to operate it along with QuickScan software. Now the QuickScan
    software works perfectly on all settings proving that the scanner isn't
    faulty. However the SilverFast software doesn't work correctly and not at
    all when doing multiscan or multiple exposure settings.

    The problem is that during these processes the SilverFast software will
    either hang or produce red or green coloured cast bands of varying widths
    and with a position shift at the bottom of the scan. This results in the
    final images having red or green coloured ghosting shadows to them. Doing a
    single pass scan is a lottery whether the software will hang or produce the
    coloured cast banding.

    Now getting well fed up with the support from LaserSoft as when I post the
    problem on their website I get an email back telling me to upgrade to the
    latest version of their software and the latest drivers for the scanner.
    This I've done but when email them back stating this with log files and
    example images it all goes quiet. If post again to the website I just get
    the same comment to upgrade to latest version and drivers. I did post to the
    Forums on their website with the result that they pulled the posting and
    personally replied to me again to upgrade drivers and software version. I've
    yet again replied to the email but again its gone very quiet. Arrrrgh!

    To say that I'm less than impressed by the lack of support from LaserSoft
    SilverFast is an understatement. To put it bluntly its total crap!

    The trouble is that without the software the film scanner is just an
    expensive door stop.
    Stephen, Aug 3, 2009
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  2. Stephen

    Peter Chant Guest

    Hamrick Vuescan?
    Peter Chant, Aug 4, 2009
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  3. Stephen

    BobS Guest


    Try calling Customer Support in Florida at (+) 941-312-0690 and ask for
    a supervisor to explain the lack of support and what you want - be

    Bob S.
    BobS, Aug 5, 2009
  4. Stephen

    Stephen Guest

    Yes been looking into that program but it now appears that it is indeed a
    hardware fault with the Plustek 7500i scanner. Now on a second scanner but
    this has the same fault but worse! Its certainly turning into an expensive
    door stop!

    However I could have got this sorted out a lot earlier had the support from
    LaserSoft not been so bad in attempting to get them to reply.

    At the moment though I wouldn't recommend the Plustek film scanner to
    anyone. This second example not only has the same fault much worse, but also
    has a sticking power button and one of the flaps for the film holder keeps
    jamming. Build quality is very poor. This one will also be going back for

    Stephen, Aug 16, 2009
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