[SI] Ten DanP comments

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by DanP, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. DanP

    DanP Guest

    01. Great one, no arguing.
    02. Nice. If the trees were not that close it could've been better. Chainsaw?
    03. Not bad. Am I supposed to find the "X" here?

    Bob Coe
    01. Not bad. Maybe crop to lose the door on the left.
    02. Fine. Are you using your work photos?
    03. Yes you are. The signs are unsightly but framing is good.

    Martha Coe
    01. No clear subject, cables distracting.
    02. Nice thisle. I can see an X.
    03. The UFO ate the buildings, look at that mouth an teeth. And is spewing ice. I2 can just see the X. Hang on, that is a guitar. The shot manages to grab my attention so its geed.

    Peter Newman
    01. Nice strings. Zoom in AND out, meeting in the same spot. Plain enough for me to like this weird stufff.
    02. Big X. Cannot miss it. Great.
    03. Good shot. I was getting tired of the same shots of the bridge from the bridge.

    Tim Conway
    01. Photo of a print. Never gonna work, as I found myself in the food SI.
    02. Early photographer gets the worm. Nice shot and effort.
    03. Photo of a screen. Will it work?

    Eric Stevens
    01. I like this stuff, this machine has nice proportions.
    02. Crop to lose the left, the plain plate does not match the rest.
    03. Crop the top to lose the head of the bolt and left to lose the bracket's left edge. Nice.

    01. Cannot see the artist's face, makes me look at the work instead. Works well.
    02. I remember this. Don't mind seeing it again. Perfect.
    03. I like the rawness.

    Tony Cooper
    01. Funny. Sitting duck for candid. Contrast is a bit harsh.
    02. Funny again, who would want to wear those? Pimps?
    03. Bang on the subject. Good.
    04. Hey, I though we were sending 3 only. Bang on the subject again but better.

    01. I should have found another clock. Hard to compete with all the shots of clocks showing 10:10.
    02. I love DSLR's. I have followed one plane with the focus, had my other eye on the other plane and got lucky.
    03. Done with a Canon P&S with CHDK, had the settings on manual and had it shooting continuously while I had dinner. Delete 300 and keep 2. Tried motion detection trigger as well but was not happy with it, triggers too late.

    DanP, Sep 1, 2013
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  2. DanP

    PeterN Guest

    Thank you for commenting.
    PeterN, Sep 2, 2013
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