SHUSTAK - best NZ documentary 2009

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by NotSure, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. NotSure

    NotSure Guest

    Doco about '60s NYC photographer & pop philosopher Larence N. Shustak
    (1926-2003) who in 1973 suddenly up and left USA, family & friends and
    went to Christchurch, New Zealand, where he set about blowing a few

    2009 WINNER:
    Best NZ Feature Documentary
    Best NZ Emerging Film-maker


    Wellington Regent on Manners

    8.00pm Mon 16 March incl Q&A with director
    12.30pm Wed 18 March
    11.00am Fri 20 March

    Christchurch Regent on Worcester

    8.00pm Mon 30 March incl Q&A with director
    12.30 pm Wed 1 April
    11.00am Fri 3 April

    Dunedin The Octagon

    8.00pm Mon 30 March
    12.30 pm Wed 1 April
    11.00am Fri 3 April
    NotSure, Mar 7, 2009
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  2. NotSure

    ~misfit~ Guest

    Great! I see shite like this yet it was only yesterday I found out that
    Summer Glau was in Auckland in '06 for a convention. Why did nobody spam
    nz.comp with that little gem? After all, she does act in the "Terminator:
    The Sarah Connor Chronicles" (vaguely computer-related) and was in the
    excellent "Firefly" as well as "The 4400". Now there's someone I would have
    gone to see.

    Shustak? He's just trying to make more money to increase the comfort level
    of his retirement while he dabbles in film. (Not hard to be a big fish in a
    small pond.). Nothing new to see there.

    (Spamming bitch NotSure.)
    ~misfit~, Mar 7, 2009
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