Should I upgrade 2500 boot ROMs?

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by JohnH., Feb 12, 2006.

  1. JohnH.

    JohnH. Guest

    I have a 2514 lab router with 16MB ram and 16MB Flash. The router
    works perfectly fine. It currently has version 5.2(8a) boot ROMs. I
    have new boot ROMs, version 11.0(10c)XB2, that I could put into it. Is
    there a benefit to upgrading the boot ROMs if the system seems to be
    working fine now? Or, should I save these boot ROMs for possible use
    in another router?

    Previously, I received a different 2514 that was giving memory errors
    and spontaneously rebooting itself. The problem in that case turned
    out to be that its older boot ROMs were not compatible with newer RAM
    that was in that 2514. I upgraded the ROMs and that system now works

    JohnH., Feb 12, 2006
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