Should I be concerned about buying DVD18s (Double-sided, double-layered)

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by The Man With No Name, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. I've heard quite a bit of vague concern about this particular type of DVD,
    but been having trouble finding any articles that fully explain the problem.

    Is it that the number of layers makes the DVD more likely to become
    corrupted (something similar to dvd rot on DVD9)? Or is it that some DVD
    players can play them and some can't? (In which case, I imagine I'd be safe.
    Had no trouble playing Casino or Ben-Hur. Did have some trouble playing 1
    (rented) disk of the three-disk Outer Limits collection (no apparent
    scratches on the disk, but it wouldn't play some of the second & fourth
    episode) but in that case I don't think it was even DVD18 (four episodes on
    one side, and two on the other.)

    So, summarising my earlier question; I wonder if someone can point me to
    some reasonably in-depth articles on this question? Been thinking of buying
    the new Region1 'Dune' and the 'Bela Lugosi Collection,' but I know the Bela
    Lugosi Collection particularly has been criticised a lot for DVD players not
    playing most of 'The Raven' properly.
    The Man With No Name, Feb 1, 2006
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  2. The Man With No Name

    Zyxak Guest

    On 02/02/06 03:18, The Man With No Name uttered the following...
    I can't really comment as I only have 2 double-sided DVDs and both are
    single -layered

    I suppose you would run twice the risk of de-lamination.

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    Zyxak, Feb 1, 2006
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  3. The Man With No Name

    Italo Guest

    DVD18 has always been part of the DVD spec from day one, the only cause for
    concern would be if discs were incorrectly mastered and manufactured at
    source, but this can also happen with single layer (DVD5) and dual layer
    discs (DVD9).

    Do watch out for any cloudiness on the surface of the discs (telltale sign
    of bad quality control at factory) but apart from that dual layered/double
    sided discs are fine.
    Italo, Feb 3, 2006
  4. The Man With No Name

    Mike Guest

    In the case of DVD18's from Universal, just verify that they play all
    the way through by fast forwarding them. If there is a bad section on
    the DVD the fast forwarding will choke up. I double check it by going
    around the time it choked up and see if the problem shows in normal
    playback. If you've never seen the movie or show before you can turn the
    tv to cable and watch the elapsed time readout and check it out if it

    There is nothing really wrong with DVD18's but Universal was doing bad
    at it for a time (they might have improved).

    For the record I have Bela Lugosi collection and Dune. I watched all the
    movies on Lugosi with no problem and checked out Dune by way of fast
    forwarding with no problems.

    However I did find problems on other Universal DVD 18's for Emergency!,
    Adam 12, Columbo, McCloud and Mallrats.

    In the case of multi disc sets I make sure to get them from Best Buy who
    so far has allowed me to swap out bad discs.

    For single disc ones, it should be no deal with anybody to exchange if
    you find a problem, just keep the recept.
    Mike, Feb 4, 2006
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