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Discussion in 'Microsoft Certification' started by Guest, Oct 28, 2007.

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    Guest Guest

    Hello All. I have been working in the field for 20+ years. In the past 10
    years I started and grew a successful computer consulting company in a small
    resort town. That business is flourishing and will continue, however, I'm
    looking for some new challenges. I have experience with all aspects of
    Windows networking, years with Linux as a server and desktop OS, Netware
    certifications (questionable relevancy!) and even Apple systems and

    Ultimately I would like to do contract work for any company in any location
    for short term time frames. Ideally, one to 6 months at a clip. I'm not
    opposed to moving, but I'd prefer to keep my rustic home in the mountains of
    North Idaho.

    I'm just starting my employment search. My questions is the following:

    Are there websites/job agency's/recruiters that specialize in placing
    experienced network engineers (with many certifications) in temporary
    positions? I'm starting to apply to some of the larger online services
    (monster, etc), but they seem to favor full-time employment positions. Is
    there even a market for people with my expierence, who can take off at a
    moments notice, annd are comfortable going anywhere to work?

    Chris Curtis
    Guest, Oct 28, 2007
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    Guest Guest

    In my experience this kind of specialized recruiting is really a regional
    thing. Here in the Denver area there are several major players who work with
    IBM, Sun, Level3, CH2MHill, FirstData and other major local companies who
    have these kinds of specialized needs. You will want to find whomever is
    your major local technology employer (or 3) and look for listings with that
    comapny's name as a keyword.

    Many of these companies do a lot of contract hiring and you will see
    numerous listings listing some firm or other. I would then visit each firm
    and use the firm's resume and career tools.

    Further, you may find helpful. I only recently found
    this site but if you are like me and breaking into the 100k range, technology
    ladder specializes in that area and in providing resources that target
    primarily the professional services needs of that demographic.
    Guest, Oct 31, 2007
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  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thank You Wayne, for your thoughtful reply. Since I posted this, I also
    found Robert Half technology and kellytechnicial has many contract positions.
    The more I dig, I am finding contract positions available. Now I just have
    to land a position that works for me.

    Thanks again!

    Chris Curtis
    Guest, Oct 31, 2007
  4. Guest

    John R Guest

    100k? What's that? I think that is how big the .pdf file of my resume is.
    That would be the only 100k in my life :)

    John R
    John R, Oct 31, 2007
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well, you joke, but seriously. When you hit the point where your career
    starts hitting that level of earnings, it means you are (generally, for most
    of us) hitting the stage in your career where you are taking on senior
    engineering and architecture titles (or higher).

    At that stage, the employment market seems to be completely different.
    Companies decrese thier emphasis on how technical you are and how many
    Microsoft-branded widgets you can line up in thier environment and start
    instead looking at what you can do for the business and how hiring you is
    going to make a change in how the company or department operates. This could
    be for reduced failure rates in a consulting firm. Your ability to operate
    well on sales and pre-sales engineering. Your ability to analyze CIO
    requirements and return an appropriate solution. Your specialized knowledge
    to enable a consolidation project, etc.

    The tools that it takes to more narrowly focus on that objective in your
    career seem to change as well. Resume writers who can help turn the resume
    that gets you calls at 65k - 80k that you have barely changed other than
    tagging on new experience and certs since you were making 40k suddenly no
    longer gets you calls in the 95k+ range. Recruiters in standard
    wide-distribution channels dont seem to be advertising at that salary range.
    The tools do make a different, I think, and in my experience thus far, I have
    found that often to build your skills at that level and to further your
    career in that range, you often have to invest in yourself to continue your
    personal and professional growth.
    Guest, Nov 1, 2007
  6. Guest

    John R Guest

    Well, obviously I haven't made it there yet. Let's just say that the resume
    writers are just about useless to me now by your definitions. But I agree
    with you 100%. I have been MCSA for some time now, but it wasn't until I
    got MCSE that my company started giving me the really good active directory
    projects (domain migrations, software evaluations, etc). These types of
    projects go far in gaining the analytical skills necessary to make the next
    step. They also (finally) gave me a 'Sr.' title. Being responsible for
    escallation support from other engineers does wonders for your own
    analytical skills. The company starts to see you as the 'goto' guy. Plus,
    it gives you the ability to start questioning 'why'. Why do we use this
    product and not that product? Why are we searching through event logs for
    auditing info when this product makes it much easier? I'm 47 years old,
    been in IT for over 25 years, but it is only now that I really start to see
    the company "operating" and not just thinking of myself as a worker drone.

    Thanks for the great advice Wayne.

    John R
    John R, Nov 1, 2007
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