Shaw Secure, F-Secure suspisious behaviour

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by JRE, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. JRE

    JRE Guest

    I use Shaw Secure which is basically F-secure with Shaw Company logos as
    many of you may know..

    I also run Protowall in the background on my PC.

    Whenever Protowall is on these lines always pop up constantly..

    Packet to "Media Force, MCI Communications Services, Inc. d..." ( ) blocked. [protocol: TCP - src: 1205 / dst: 80]

    Packet from "Media Force, MCI Communications Services, Inc. d..." ( ) rejected. [protocol: TCP - src: 80 / dst: 1224]

    These packets will be blocked or rejected sometimes up to 100 times an hour
    24/7. A heck of a lot anyway. Even if I let the program connect it will call
    out or call in again soon. It's constant.

    I looked it up and I think its F-secure's servers asking for and getting
    something. Automatic updates are OFF. Everything is OFF. So why does it keep
    calling out and what is it sending/receiving?

    Is anyone else using Shaw Secure/F-Secure? Can anyone smarter than me in
    these areas shed some light? There are alot of people that use Shaw Secure
    and F-Secure. If someone can tell me what is being sent/received?

    JRE, Nov 11, 2009
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