Sharing internet through data cable from a mobile that is sharing internet connection

Discussion in 'Software' started by anil kagi, Jan 28, 2015.

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    Jan 28, 2015
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    Sharing internet on PC via data cable from a phone that is already sharing via wifi

    Hello everybody,

    I need help regarding sharing internet connection. I would appreciate any kind help.

    I have

    • A Laptop : Samsung RV509, i3, 300GB HDD, 3GB Ram, Dual boot Windows7 & LM 17 cinnamon 32bit. WiFi & Bluetooth available

    • A Desktop PC : Celeron CPU 2.4GHZ, 40 GB HDD, 1GB RAM, Windows XP pro SP3, No WiFi hardware available, No Bluetooth hardware available

    • A mobile phone : Nokia Asha 500, WiFi & Bluetooth available

    • An old USB data cable, with which the mobile phone can be connected to the computers. I have connected and transfered data back & forth

    What I have been doing now is; I have an internet connection to my Laptop with an external modem and Ethernet. Its working fine. I have an unlimited plan and so I want to share this internet connection on the mobile phone too; instead of incuring extra cost by connecting to the internet directly through the phone. I can share this internet connection on my phone through WiFi. That too is going on smoothly.

    Now, what I want to do; without buying any extra hardware is, I want to share this same internet connection on my Desktop PC, too. [please kindly bear with me if I sound foolish. My computer knowledge is low.]

    What I tried is; I took suggestions available on the web and installed the 'Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver' and then I connected the mobile phone to the Desktop PC through the data cable and created a new dial-up connection with the number '99#' and also my actual phone number. But that didn't help. I installed the 'Nokia PC suite All'. I found that my phone is not compatible with the suite. I also searched for any tweakings on the Desktop PC. But that did't help too. Now I am here. Please kindly help me.

    Thank you & Regards

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    anil kagi, Jan 28, 2015
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