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Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by bopper2, May 23, 2005.

  1. bopper2

    bopper2 Guest

    Setup a 98 box with a legal restore disk. (changed the hardware on the
    box so I had to extract the core os from the disk). It's up and
    but can't get a shared hp printer to work from 9x. The printer is
    setup on an XP box. Made sure I used the wizard to set up the share,
    named it so 95 box could see it as well, and made sure to set Netbios
    over TCP.
    This printer is set up on a virtual USB port on the XP. (USB only
    When I install the printer on the 9x box, (it is there), it won't
    install the drivers. I'm assuming the HP 9x drivers I have (from HP)
    won't work on a Virtual USB share, only a direct connection.
    I have Win2K setup on the same box as 98. I have the same printer
    working on that boot as well as another box with 2K and XP.
    Is there a work around to get this connected?
    I have a parallel printer working on all 9x and NTFS boxes using an HP
    printer server. Obviously this doesn't support a USB printer.
    Is the only way around this a second printer server or network ready
    Any feedback would be appreciated. I'm sure using a XP printer with a
    9x machine will be a common problem I'll face.
    bopper2, May 23, 2005
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  2. bopper2

    AG Guest

    Can you see the printer across the network?
    I've had problems sharing a USB printer with it attached to a 98 box in the
    past. I just couldn't see the printer across the network when it was
    attached to the 98 box.
    If you can see the printer across the network XP should give you the option
    to install the driver files for other operating systems.
    If you can see it across the network, and have the drivers installed you can
    just right click it and select install printer.
    That is the easiest way to install a printer.

    AG, May 23, 2005
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  3. bopper2

    bopper2 Guest

    Thanks for the response.
    To answer 1st response, yes I could see the printer on the network.
    To answer 2nd response, this is a workgroup, although I tried to get a
    TCP port to work but of course no way to assign a port address to a
    printer that doesn't have an IP address.
    To followup:
    I redownloaded the 9x drivers from a non HP site. Extracted them on
    the XP
    box and compared them and found 1 sub directory I didn't have before.
    I setup the XP to load additional drivers from the properites|shared
    tab and
    tried to find the right driver. Autorun.inf wouldn't run so I looked
    through all the subdirectories until I found a .inf that was buried
    under a couple of other subdirectories that fit the Hp model. Hit
    that and it loaded drivers. Great!
    However, when I installed the printer from the 98 box, I got files
    errors. I wrote them down and went looking on the XP for them and 98
    wouldn't see them. I know this sounds weird. I reinstalled this a few
    to make sure I didn't miss something.
    To make a long story short, I installed the drviers on the 98 as well
    and went looking for the main .inf on the local disk. During the 98
    printer install process, when asked to find missing files, I located
    the same .inf that was loaded on the XP and drivers loaded and the
    printer works.
    I've had some strange sound card driver cut and paste issues before
    but not a relatvely new printer.
    bopper2, May 24, 2005
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