Shared Printer -- ACCESS DENIED

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Jeff Strickland, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. I have a HP4L printer installed on a WinXP Home machine. I have a home
    network that includes a Vista Home machine. The HP4L on the XP machine is
    set up as a shared device.

    The problem I can't get past is when I try to connect to the printer from
    the Vista machine, I get an error message, ACCESS DENIED. I'm not sure where
    the error is coming from.

    I went into the Printer Properties and selected several of the driver
    options, but XP protests that the selected drivers are not compatible with
    the OS, and the process stops. XP Home only allows drivers that work with
    XP, any other driver is rejected. Should I be loading the drivers directly
    to the Vista machine?

    The HP Website lists a Vista Driver for the printer.

    I can see the printer from the Vista machine, I just cannot connect to it.
    The network itself seem to be okay, when I am on the Vista machine, I can
    navigate the XP machine and see the shared folders. And, I can send print
    jobs from the XP machine to the printer attached to the Vista machine.
    Jeff Strickland, Mar 15, 2008
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  2. Jeff Strickland

    - Bobb - Guest


    Have you tried reversing so Vista local and HP is 'remote print"?
    Just asking so don't get mad ..
    Can you print to it from any OTHER pc on the network ? ( I'm checking
    "Vista box" vs "XP box" has the issue).
    Permissions on Vista / access rights etc ?
    - Bobb -, Mar 16, 2008
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  3. You mean building the network so the printer is physically connected to the
    Vista machine? No, I have not tired that. The Vista box has a printer on it
    that I can see and connect to from the XP box.

    The Vista machine can see other printers connected to XP machines. I have 5
    machines, all are XP except 1. I'll have to check the mix of XP Pro and XP
    Home to see if there is a problem between all XP or just some XP. (You have
    set off a light in my head that Home is the problem.) I have constrained
    this topic to Vista not connecting ot one of my machines, but the fact is
    that there are other printers it will not connect to, but I don't care. The
    reason I don't care is that each machine has an inkjet printer connected to
    it, except one tht has a laser jet. I'm trying to teach my family to print
    documents to the laserjet when they don't care about color, or the lack of
    it. There is a certain test value in connecting to another inkjet printer
    from the Vista box, and I have not explored that. I can connect the Vista
    box to another printer connected to an XP Pro box, but I think the Vista box
    balks at connecting to the printers on any of the XP Home machine. The
    connection errors are different, but problems tend to follow along Vista and
    XP Home lines. I'll have to investigate that.

    Good call.

    I can't tell if Vista or the XP is denying access. I can't see any
    permission issues ON the XP box. I can't find any permissions on the Vista

    As a practical matter, why would Vista deny access from it to another? I
    completely get why the other would deny access to Vista or some other box,
    but I see no point in a box denying itself the ability to outside and look
    for other stuff. You gotta 'splain me that one.

    Keep in mind, I can "see" all of the printers and the various XP versions
    from my Vista machine, I just cannot connect to the printers that are
    visible. I get the Access Denied message from one connection, and another
    error from a different connection.
    Jeff Strickland, Mar 16, 2008
  4. Jeff Strickland

    - Bobb - Guest

    Seeing the device is one thing.
    Having the ability ( permission) to use it is another.
    Firewall - Advanced Settings
    File and Print sharing turned on for each box ?
    Make all of your IP's / pc names exceptions to firewall rules.
    It's a nuisance typing them all, but if you really want each to be able to
    access with issues, do it.
    To see security logging errors, enable ICMP on NICs Firewall.
    Sorry, I'm on an XP box so can't walk you thru Vista screens.

    On a totally different note, I have a Netgear "parallel to RJ45
    connection" for a printer here that I occasionally network, so that the
    local PC doesn't have to be turned on while using from another PC (
    usually a laptop). The netgear ps101 is just a "fancy parallel port plug"
    that goes into printer and an RJ45 cable goes from box to the router.
    Here's a tech sheet:
    When I/we're using laptops - pop it on and power up printer - it then is
    just a device on the router ( note IP address of port to map it)
    If you have an extra router port that might be the may to go.
    No " Printer sharing" / permissions issues.
    I didn't pay $60 .. more like $30 at a local used computer store, but even
    at $60 if you have 6 PC's it might be worth it.
    - Bobb -, Mar 16, 2008
  5. Okay, but keep 'slpaining me stuff ...
    Does the firewall block outbound traffic or inbound traffic? Sharing on a
    machine means that stuff connected to that machine can be shared, not that
    the machine can share stuff connected to other machines. Perhaps that is
    where I am getting screwwed up.

    The printer on the XP boxes are all shared, so that should let the Vista box
    in to use the resource. Are you saying that I have to set up shares on the
    Vista box so it can go out to get stuff from the XP boxes?
    Jeff Strickland, Mar 16, 2008
  6. Jeff Strickland

    - Bobb - Guest

    For troubleshooting purposes disconnect from internet ( so 'nothing bad
    can happen') and
    Turn OFF firewall - on the XP box and the Vista box.
    NOW does printer work ?
    That's where I'd start. If not - leave firewalls off on both UNTIL things
    On each of these boxes, is it the same username / password for the account
    you are using ?
    Same Workgroup ?

    Can you ping each PC from the other ?

    Firewall does both. You don't know yet ( right ?) WHICH Pc is not
    allowing you to print ( The XP box or the Vista box). Firewall -
    Advanced - settings for ICMP allows you to list the available Internet
    Control Message Protocols (ICMPs) that Internet Connection Firewall will
    respond to. So, if you go in there and turn on a few items it will echo
    back "what the problem is" and you'll then know WHICH box has ... a
    permission error etc because you will get a failure reason.

    If you haven't already tried, do a search on Google for this problem -
    lots of answers there.
    My Search = " xp vista printer sharing " and here's the first link I

    Walk thru that.
    I meant the easy way to insure that you never have an issue is to make all
    of your PCs exceptions to any firewall rule.
    Did you check out your current XP Home/ XP Pro / Vista Home sharing
    problems as you mentioned earlier ?
    What is the result ?

    If reply, please summarize again ( as I've been snipping) - I've done
    "this" and my result is now "this".
    - Bobb -, Mar 17, 2008
  7. No. I get the same error, Access Denied.

    Same workgroup, no passwords.

    I can pass files back and forth among all computers on the network, and the
    XP boxes can all access the printers attached to each of the XP machines and
    the Vista Machine. The Vista machine can connect to some printers but not
    others. The printers that Vista connects to are all ink machines (some are
    HP and one is an Epson), but the printer that Vista will not connect to is
    an older laserjet.

    Correct, I don't know where the error is coming from. I can not tell if
    Vista is blocking outbound traffic or is the XP box is blocking inbound.
    Having said that, I can connect and print to the Vista box from the XP box,
    and I can connect and print to the Vista box from all of the other XP boxes
    ont he network.

    I stated earlier that Vista is having trouble connecting to other printers
    too, but that is not an accurate statement. It turns out the printer that
    can not be connected to is not plugged into the computer it belongs to. The
    computer is connected via wireless network (the Vista box is also on a
    wireless), and my daughter moves it around her room. She currently has the
    printer physically unplugged, and when it is plugged in, the Vista machine
    connects properly. So, my Vista machine only has trouble connecting to one
    printer on my network, but all other network features -- file sharing --
    work fine.

    Traffic is allowed in both directions among all of the machines on my
    network. The only problem is my HP4L laserjet printer and my Vista Home
    machine will not talk to each other. All other traffic will flow both ways
    among all of the other machines, and the Vista machine will allow traffic in
    both directions in all cases except that it will not talk to the mentioned

    I'm going to look at the article you posted and see if it talks about my
    Jeff Strickland, Mar 17, 2008
  8. Jeff Strickland

    Baron Guest

    This sounds like a printer driver problem. Is the HP4L driver loaded
    onto Vista ? I would guess not since there may not be a Vista driver
    for the HP4L.
    Baron, Mar 17, 2008
  9. Yes, well no. I loaded the driver and it made the printer look like a local
    printer not a network printer. After loading the driver, the network would
    still not connect to the printer. I have since deleted the local printer,
    but have not taken the driver out (I right clicked the printer and selected

    I did all of the stuff on the article before I posted here. I did see other
    similar kinds of reports -- Vista balks at connecting to network printers
    tied to XP machines. I did not see my specific problem, but I saw a few
    problems like mine. I just have to wade through all of the reports to see if
    any of the fixes will work for me.
    Jeff Strickland, Mar 17, 2008
  10. Jeff Strickland

    - Bobb - Guest

    I agree with Baron.

    I've forgotten ... does this printer work OK if local to Vista box ?
    I'm thinking - Vista is sending "one format of data" to PC and XP is
    sharing it as another. Vista sends data - gets error back ( XP is saying "
    WHAT ??" ) Make Vista format it as XP wants it ??? XP driver ???

    I did a google search for
    ' vista HAL HP 4L '
    and found old link at hp, so used CACHED copy at google to get to the
    Click on
    HP LaserJet 4, 5, and 6 Series
    and you'll see "#5": Read the NOTE.

    Drivers for HP printers are included with the Microsoft Windows Vista
    Operating System
    HP has a Windows Vista driver solution available for your product. This
    driver will enable your product's basic functions to work.
    HP is committed to providing the best experience for HP products in the
    Windows Vista operating environment.
    You can conveniently find this driver in your Windows Vista operating
    system, today.
    At this time the driver will only be available on the Windows Vista
    operating system through the "Add a Printer" wizard.
    HP does not plan on placing this legacy driver on
    NOTE: If your printer currently uses either a PCL5, PCL6 or
    PostScript XP driver you may download the current XP driver from HP to
    provide printing functionality. Windows Vista printing is very similar to
    Windows XP and most print drivers supported in the XP environment for
    LaserJet printers may also work in the Windows Vista operating system. If
    you are using the new Windows Vista operating system on your PC you may
    want consider an upgrade to a newer HP product that will work with
    Microsoft's new Vista operating system.
    - Bobb -, Mar 18, 2008
  11. I don't know the answer to that one. The printer works fine under XP, but
    has never been connected to the Vista box.

    I'm not getting a print error at print time, I'm getting the error during
    Add New Printer. This is not an issue of the data stream being in the
    correct format, unless the data stream you are talking about is the one that
    goes across the network when a printer is added.

    I think this NOTE says it all. My old printer just will not work. The only
    way I can think of confirming this is to carry the printer to the Vista box
    and connect it directly. Having said that, the loading driver for it into
    Vista makes the printer appear as a local device so I suspect it will work
    in that configuration.
    Jeff Strickland, Mar 19, 2008
  12. Jeff Strickland

    Baron Guest

    It may be worth trying! At least then you will know whether Vista will
    actually talk to it. If it does then there has got to be a
    communication/network problem between Vista and XP.
    Baron, Mar 19, 2008
  13. Jeff Strickland

    - Bobb - Guest

    I read that note as saying: " go to and download latest XP driver "
    ( or copy yours from the XP PC to a floppy). Take that floppy to Vista PC.
    Choose "Add a Printer", choose "Have disk". Insert floppy and use THAT (
    XP) Driver for the printer on the Vista box. I think they are saying " it
    should work "
    " Windows Vista printing is very similar to Windows XP and most print
    drivers supported in the XP environment for LaserJet printers may also
    work in the Windows Vista operating system."

    Try THAT.
    - Bobb -, Mar 19, 2008
  14. That process loads a local printer. I tried it already.

    I think my trouble is the XP box is refusing to allow the Vista box to
    connect to the printer. I don't understand why it is balking because I can
    send files back and forth among all computers in the network, so the simple
    act of creating a viable network has been accomplished.
    Jeff Strickland, Mar 20, 2008
  15. Jeff Strickland

    - Bobb - Guest

    Just confirming ... if you are adding it as a local printer - don't
    browse to the network , just
    1. "add a printer".
    2. Then choose the device from the drop-down/ or if not listed, then
    browse to a floppy for the XP driver.
    3. AFTER adding the printer as a local printer on the Vista box, you THEN
    close those windows. ( Unless it WAS listed in Vista in which case let it
    load, then UPDATE driver to be the XP driver)
    4. Now check - does Vista have an HP4L listed as a local printer ? Great -
    that's all we want right now. Check properties - enable sharing -
    drivers - look OK ?
    ( just checking - no error when you enabled sharing - call it VISTA4L )
    5. NOW, Add a printer - network and don't "browse" - specify the path
    " \\xpbox\HP4L " or
    ' \\\sharedname '

    Normally, on a network the local PC takes care of 'which driver to load'
    when a network PC connects. Obviously on an XP box, it would know of
    XP,2000,NT,98 but not Vista.
    ( I'm sure the following it somewhere online explained better than I will
    , but here goes...)
    In your case, the XP box knows of XP and those other/older OS'es.
    Vista connects and checks out the printer type, Xp sends the code for an
    HP4L and Vista says "what's this?". For those other OS'es XP would then
    load an additional version (the correct version for Win98 for example ) of
    that driver. If that XP driver were already loaded onto the Vista box I
    think it might work , since it would not need a download: Vista would see
    code for HP4L and recognize it ( according to the HP note " Windows Vista
    printing is very similar to Windows XP and most print drivers supported in
    the XP environment for LaserJet printers may also work in the Windows
    Vista operating system. ") HP is saying - "we don't have a new driver, but
    we also won't give you an old driver .. if you want to try it on your own
    it's up to you, but it should work."

    So skip the BROWSING and load the XP driver onto the Vista box ( manually
    if not there) and then map the printer.

    If you have done all that, then last option is "does it work locally for
    Vista box" ? ( can you get it local for a few minutes just to try ? ) If
    THAT works and 'add network printer' does not, let us know as that's
    networking and not a printer issue. ( Do others see a networked printer
    called Vista4L ?)

    - Bobb -, Mar 20, 2008
  16. Jeff Strickland

    - Bobb - Guest

    - Bobb -, Mar 20, 2008

  17. All of that is true. But, when I go to install the network printer, I browse
    the network, find the printer, select it, and click OK. Immediately, I get
    an error, ACCESS DENIED. The error is more verbose than that, but the bottom
    line is access is denied and the rest does not matter for this discussion.

    I have not tried to load the XP printer drivers into Vista. That's a good
    idea. I did try to put the Vista driver into the XP box because I am aware
    that the driver for a resource passes from the server to the client -- XP
    will pass the driver to Vista because XP is playing the role of server and
    Vista is a client. (the actual roles may be different, but I get the
    picture) Anyway, the printer driver for Vista would not go into the XP box
    because XP didn't like it.

    In my scenario, access is denied long before there would be any reason to
    look for a driver. I would expect a driver issue to throw up an error that
    said the driver was incorrect, and the error I am getting is looking like a
    permission issue that I don't understand.
    Jeff Strickland, Mar 20, 2008

  18. I have seen that message before, but it comes after the printer is
    connected. That is, the client goes out and finds a printer on the network,
    the protocols and handshakes all happen, and life is good. Then the message
    comes up to look for an updated driver. In my problem, I search the network
    for installed printers and make a selection, at the moment (within 2
    seconds) I click OK, I get an error of ACCESS DENIED.

    I have made a mistake here, I have lead you to think that only the HP4L
    printer is affected. Sorry. The reality is the XP machine has virtual
    printers -- the host of print-to-file printers that come with windows and
    other applications (Acrobat Distiller) -- and they also deny access to the
    Vista machine.

    The Vista machine is denied access to all printers, both real and virtual,
    that are connected to my machine. The Vista box can connect to the printers
    on the other XP machines on my network. Whatever the problem is, it is
    something to do with the particular arrangement of the Vista machine and the
    XP machine that is denying access.

    I am using Verizon FiOs, and all machines on my network are connected
    wirelessly EXCEPT the XP box that is giving me trouble is connected directly
    via hardwire. I'm beginning to wonder if my router is the problem. All
    wireless machines can talk to each other and the hardwired machine, except
    that one wireless machine cannot connect to a printer on a hardwired
    machine. The ethernet cable comes into the router, and my computer is
    connected to Port 1 while all of the other machines are connected via
    wireless adaptor.

    I can get into the router by using its IP address, and all machines are
    visible -- I can ping any of machine from any other machine -- and this
    leads me to believe my network is fully functional. I can't imagine why the
    router would block access to the printer but not any other stuff.
    Jeff Strickland, Mar 20, 2008
  19. Jeff Strickland

    - Bobb - Guest

    I think I mentioned this a while back, but
    Same username/password on both boxes ?

    Will XP print to the Vista box with the HP4L being served by the Vista box

    For a test , can you steal a cable from another PC to make the HP4L local
    (not wireless) to SOME box ?
    See if you can get that printer to print ANYTHING locally on the Vista
    how about Acrobat distiller - can you load that on the Vista box and print
    a page ??

    Load SOME driver for the HP4L on the Vista box.
    Move a cable to make it local to Vista box
    Print a test page: Pass / Fail ??
    If that passes, then
    Wireless vs cabled to router?
    - Bobb -, Mar 20, 2008
  20. Jeff Strickland

    Baron Guest


    Have you checked for a firewall issue ? Blocked port ? I don't know
    what Visa uses for remote printing but its beginning to look like one.
    Baron, Mar 20, 2008
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