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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by helen520, Oct 29, 2009.

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    Sep 16, 2009
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    i have just passed my ns0-501 last week. if you are still worrying about the test and even dont how to deal with the fuss , i can share my experience with you .
    first show you some real test questions to let you know more about the test
    1. A company has deployed a NetApp dual controller FAS3100 series with iSCSI. Currently, there are five
    Windows servers and three Novell NetWare servers connected to the IP SAN. The customer wants to
    connect an HP-UX server to the IP SAN.
    Which cfmode allows all operating systems to co-exist in the IP SAN?
    C.cfmode not applicable
    2. Click the Exhibit button.
    A Solaris 10 host with VERITAS Storage Foundation 4.1 is FCP attached to a FAS3140 high availability
    storage system running single image cfmode.
    Using the diagram shown, which ports will be considered active by VERITAS DMP using the NetApp ASL
    to a LUN on controller 1 mapped to host 1?
    A.Port 0b on controller 1 only
    B.Port 0d on controller 1 only
    C.Port 0b and 0d on controller 1 only
    D.Ports 0b and 0d on both controller 1 and controller 2
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    3. For which four operations would you use igroup throttles on a NetApp storage solution? (Choose four.) assign a specific percentage of the queue resources on each physical port to the igroup manage pathing to the LUNs reserve a minimum percentage of queue resources for a specific igroup limit the number of concurrent I/O requests an initiator can send to the storage system restrict an igroup to a maximum percentage of use manage space reclamation
    4. Which command do you use to see the rate of change between two successive Snapshot copies in a
    flexible volume in Data ONTAP?
    A.snap diff
    B.snap calculate
    C.snap delta
    D.snap space
    5. Which utility on Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 can be used to collect information about firmware
    and driver versions for an Emulex LP1xxxx/LPe1xxx HBA?
    C.fcp config
    6. Which utility on Solaris 10 can be used to collect information about firmware and driver versions for an
    Emulex LP1xxxx/LPe1xxxx HBA?
    this is just part of the test . thk to the passcert i successfully get my certification on my first try .
    if you also need any help in comptia ns0-501, you can visit passcert . maybe you will find you need .
    helen520, Oct 29, 2009
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