Shaping ATM PVC in 12.4T

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by [FX] Tarandeep singh, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. Cisco documentation on
    lists this feature.

    Shaping in an ATM PVC Policy
    The shape feature is now supported at the ATM PVC level through a
    service policy. Prior to applying the service policy to the PVC, a
    service category such as vbr-nrt has to be enabled on the PVC. You can
    then apply a class-based shaping within an ATM PVC as shown in the
    following example:
    policy-map p1
    class c1ass-default
    shape average 1000000
    service-policy p2
    policy-map p2
    class ef
    priority 1000
    class prec3
    bandwidth percent 40
    class prec1
    bandwidth percent 25
    interface atm1/0.1
    pvc 1/100
    vbr-nrt 2000 2000
    service-policy output p1

    I dont see what has changed here. I was able to apply same thing on my
    pvc even on 11.x IOS..
    What has changed?
    [FX] Tarandeep singh, Feb 2, 2009
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  2. [FX] Tarandeep singh

    bod43 Guest

    I can't coment on your specific question however I can say
    that as far as I have experienced, the CB QoS implementation
    was very patchy with different features that actually
    worked on different platforms and across different interfaces.

    It that has been fixed it will be a very good thing.

    It was close to 'none of it actually worked' *and* it was
    not documented what worked and what did not.
    Maybe thats why it was fixed - easier than documenting
    all the exceptions. :)

    On the few occassions when I have actually *had* to
    implement QoS I have ended up using CAR
    "rate-limit" 'cos that was the only thing that
    actually worked on my interfaces and hardware.
    On a modern TCP with selective ACK it turns out
    that the drops do not hurt the user experience too
    much in most cases.
    bod43, Feb 2, 2009
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