Setup 1605 Router to between two Autonomous Networks

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Isis, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. Isis

    Isis Guest

    Need some help on this setup -

    I have a remote site that has two separate networks - 2 routers (Cisco
    1601 and 1605) connect to hub. Static IP addesses on the PCs.
    192.168.100.x addresses for one network, 10.9.x.x for other. Users
    have two PCs at their desk to connect to the two networks. They use
    the 192 Network for a TN3270 connection and a FTP upload. Everything
    else is done on their other PC (10.9.x.x netowrk. What I want to do is
    remove the need for two PCs at each users desk.

    Current setup:
    192 Network-
    1601 router
    Serial0 - ip (t1)
    E0 - (to hub)

    10 network
    1605 Router
    s0 - (T1)
    e0 - (to hub)
    e1 - shutdown

    What I propose is this:

    192 Network-
    1601 router
    Serial0 - ip (t1)
    E0 - (connect to 1605 via Crossover cable)

    10 network
    1605 Router
    s0 - (T1)
    e0 - (Lan)
    e1 - (connect 1601 w crossover)

    however - I'm not sure of how to route data. I cannot pass routing
    tables between the two networks.

    I was thinking of using NAT to accomplish this but I'm not sure.

    Can someone help? Thanks you in advance.
    Isis, Mar 6, 2005
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