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Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Sonsdad, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. Sonsdad

    Sonsdad Guest

    Hi Group

    I am trying to set up my e-mail in Mozzila. When I send a test I get an
    error message saying it cannot find my STMP. In Outlook Express this is
    quite simple. Any ideas where I am going wrong. My newsgroup settings
    seem fine.

    Sonsdad, Oct 11, 2004
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  2. Are we now talking about Mozilla, or still TB?

    In TB, Tools>>Account Settings

    In Mozilla, Edit>>Mail&Newsgroups Account Settings

    Scroll down in the left pane to Outgoing Server. Is your server set up
    correctly there? Make any changes, using your OE settings as a guide.

    Moz/TB does give you the ability to set up more than one smtp server.
    Click the Advanced button. How many smtp servers are set up?

    If only one, go to the problem account's server settings. Again, click
    the Advanced button. Choose Always use default server.

    Leonidas Jones, Oct 11, 2004
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