setting relative addressing in composer refuses to work

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by ken, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. ken

    ken Guest

    I'm trying to use relative links in composer, but when i click the url
    box for setting the background image, it gives the correct
    .../../whatever.jpg in the path window.

    But when i say ok and look in html sourcs, i get url(file///whatever)

    I can't do anything to get rid of the absolute addressing, i want the
    relative addressing.

    If i delete the absolute addressing line in html source and put in the
    correct img-src= and then go back into normal view, then look back at
    html source, it been put back to url(file///

    And its driving me round the bloody bend.

    To the point where i'm swearing :eek:)

    I started the page by saving before i inserted any image or text, which
    is supposed to set composer to use relative addressing. But i re-opened
    it later to set the background image, and now the bloody thing refuses
    to use anything but Absolute addressing.

    All i can do is go and vi the file externally, but thats a complete
    ballach and should'nt be necessary.

    This is happening with all my html pages created in composer.


    Can anybody help
    ken, Dec 10, 2003
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