set up 2 wap's to increase overall coverage

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by hfamemail, Jan 28, 2012.

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    Jan 28, 2012
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    I have a 54g wap that i move from one room to a 2nd when i need wireless. each room has a direct connection to my hub (connected to my nonwireless router).

    i just bought a 2nd linksys 54g wap to hopefully allow conenction throughoutthe house. how do i set up the 2nd wap to be able to roam wirelessly and seamlessly? i really do not have a place to put the 2nd router that will pick up the signal from the 1st and repeat it..... i do have a ethernet jack that goes to my hub (same as the 1st wap). i am not that knowlegeable about wireless and waps. thanks

    further, i just found that these are different generations of 54g waps. the orig is firmware ver 1.06 and only wep??? the new one has wep, wpa, wpa2, etc. ver 3.04.
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    hfamemail, Jan 28, 2012
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