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Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by corb, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. corb

    corb Guest

    Hi All,

    I work in a small office based in the UK, we are provided with 3 Avaya Index
    2940 phones h232 protocol ? We pay extortionate rates for the system but we
    are dependant on the main number incoming number.

    I would like for the 3 Avaya phone line extensions to be connected to an
    Asterisk server somehow, and then it would be good if we could use sip based
    phones to make outgoing calls via the asterisk server and VOIP. We could
    then also use DDI provided by VOIP provider etc and use the advanced pbx
    features, we only have a single company number provded.

    This leads me to my question, is the above possible (keeping in mind I don't
    have access to the Avaya Index phone system except to what is in the
    office), what additional hardware is required, and how difficult would the
    setup be?

    Many thanks for all your help in advance, and I apologise if this is the
    incorrect group to post, if so can someone recommend a more appropriate

    corb, Mar 20, 2006
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  2. corb

    me Guest

    Pay to divert the main incoming to a new VOIP system. The Avaya should
    have a divert all option or *21* code.

    The new VOIP system will come with it's own 020 number - you divert
    your old number to the new one.

    Else, port your main number to the new VOIP provider. is very easy to use, you can set up multiple
    extensions with their own phone numbers, music on hold, call queuing,
    IVR on the way soon, call rates reasonable, reliable, they offer
    number porting so you can bring your number with you, they also offer
    bundle minute deals. Line rental around £2 a month per extension, plus
    you pay £2 if you have 020 numbers. If you use 0870 you don't pay the
    extra rental.

    Buy the snom range of IP phones which cost anything from £100 to £200.
    me, Mar 20, 2006
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  3. corb

    corb Guest

    Unfortunately the main office number belongs to the serviced office complex,
    in addition we get charged so high for the calls included diverted calls.
    corb, Mar 21, 2006
  4. corb

    me Guest

    Get an 0800 freefone for £4.99 a month from Voipfone, divert all your
    *old* Avaya calls to the *new* 0800 voipfone number. They shouldn't
    charge you for free 0800 calls??

    If you can't do that, then I don't know that much about Avaya, but I
    don't think there is much you can do unless you get the help of the
    system admin behind your phone system.

    If your Avaya system is pretty old, you might be able to get some kind
    of gateway that can convert H323 to SIP.

    Not cheap at all - 0800 would be the cheapest way.

    Somebody asked a similar question.

    Best thing to do is get a new VOIP system, which is to buy snom IP
    phones and sign up to Voipfone. At least you can take the system with
    you if you move, and have teleworkers answering calls from home.

    Give everybody your new phone number.
    Might be worth getting various 0845/0800/0870/020 numbers so you never
    have to change your phone numbers again.
    me, Mar 21, 2006
  5. corb

    alexd Guest

    ITYM H.323. Get a non-geo number you can take anywhere with you, redirect it
    to a VoIP DDI and stick a voicemail message on your old number saying that
    your number has changed to $VOIP-DDI.
    To get incoming call termination over VoIP you'll need quite a degree of
    control over your internet connection - usually involving port forwarding
    etc. If you've got that much control, you'll probably be able to get a PSTN
    circuit installed. You could then connect your Asterisk to that.
    I presume your Avaya IP phones connect back to the PBX via Ethernet [or
    PoE]? In which case, an ethernet card is all you need. Unfortunately
    having done a quick google, it looks like Avaya speaks a mildly different
    dialect of H.323 to everybody else, which effectively means it won't be any
    use to you :-(
    alexd, Mar 23, 2006
  6. corb

    corb Guest

    Hi, thanks for the info.

    corb, Mar 27, 2006
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